• Used- Bartelt Model RPML (KHS Klockner) Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (Intermittent Motion) Pouch Packager

    No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: KHS

    71741001 used- bartelt model rpml (khs klockner) horizontal form fill and seal (intermittent motion) pouch packager. includes im pouch maker with a rotary fill and seal configuration. can package a...

  • SPECTRUM TECH C50-200, 2002

    No price - Helena, AL, USA

      specifications: laser maker: ultra violet laser custom design bean delivery system precison character mask system class 1 laser product to use on open shop floor print specifications: up to 100 cha...

    • KOLBUS KD 02077

      No price - Domérat, France
      • Manufacturer: Kolbus

      automatic cover format maxi 245mm x 345mm format mini 75mm x 105mm to see functioning, go to: case maker / case-binding kolbus kd. book hard cover maximum size: 245mm x 345mm (9 1/2 "x 15 1/2") mi...

    • Pasteurizer Flash pasteurizer, about 80 hl/h,

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        flash pasteurizer, about 80 hl/h, with 4-stage plate heat exchanger with back cooling section make fischer, 16 bar, with hot water 115° c, built 1993, plate package at heating up from 2010, plate p...

      • 2002 Zambeli SA Post-press

        No price - Lombardia, Italy
          • Size: 35x50

          dear sirs,we are pleased to offer you to our standard conditions of sale and delivery the following machine - subject to prior salezambelli model sa - year 2002automatic pvc case maker ideal for th...

        • Stock of various equipment

          $1,347 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

            lot 13 stock of various equipment. lot consisting of: n.2 floor shelves of various sizes, steel balance, vacuum cleaner, floor washers, galvanized briquette trolley, heat storage box for food take-...

          • 1998 Perondi AC 600/900

            No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Perondi

            machine for casemaking & inside lining. consisting of: gluing station type ia 900 sp visco control wk-02 board feeder and spotter type ca 900 casemaking station type r4l-900 sp delivery technical s...

          • 1997 Hoerauf BDM 20 R

            No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Hoerauf

            high speed case maker for the production of 1 or 3 piece cases with round or sharp corners,with flexible or hard spien, inside lining option, viscocontroll system. vacuum pump. 3zdbi7i70 overhauled...

          • 1997 Hoerauf BDM 80

            No price
            • Manufacturer: Hoerauf

            fully automatic lamination machine for one and three pieve cases with rigid spine. ideal for the production of lever arch files and ring binders speed up to 80 casses/min wdyk8 size rage from min. ...

          • 1997 Hoerauf OKM 10

            No price - Birenbach, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Hoerauf

            board size: min. 160 x 360 mm max. 360 x 675 mm thickness: min. 1.5mm max. 3.0 mm cover material: min. 0,1 mm max:0.3 mm compressed air: max. 650 nl/min. bei 6 bar guvxkk electrical power: max. 25 ...