• CCL Labeler

    No price - Los Angeles, CA
    • Manufacturer: CCL Labeler

    one used label model 5005-3p-zp label applicator, serial #408210, with (2) model 500 pressure sensitive adhesive label applicator heads, (1) with norwood stamp type ink marking system, flat panel c...

  • CCL Labeler w/ Norwood Printer

    No price - Los Angeles, CA
    • Manufacturer: Norwood
  • CCL Labeling Equipment 5005WA Wrap Around Labeler

    No price - Cleveland, OH
    • Manufacturer: CCL Labeling Equipment

    used ccl labeling equipment wrap around labeler, model 5005wa, 115 volt, serial# 406962.

  • CCL Front & Back

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: CCL

    1-used ccl/avery automatic front & back pressure sensitive labeling machine model 8505, s/n 407618.  equipped with "hold down belt", machine has approx. 4 in.  wide plastic tabletop conveyor chain ...

  • Ccl Pressure Sensitve Labeler Labeler #13394

    No price - Marlboro Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Ccl Pressure Sensitve Labeler

    ccl pressure sensitive labeler model 5023, serial # 407567. 3. 25" wide x 7' long table top chain conveyor with 1/3 horsepower 90 volt dc drive, overhead container pressure belt on manually adjusta...

  • Ccl 6171 #14659

    No price - Marlboro Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Ccl

    ccl table top pressure sensitive wrap around labeler, model 6171, serial # 407847. features angled container magazine/ramp designed for small cylindrical containers, rated for up to 50 cpm, maximum...

  • Pressure Sensitive Label System Label System #13821

    No price - Marlboro Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Pressure Sensitive Label System

    automatic x-ypressure sensitive labeling system by ccl labeling machinery, model 230-x y table, serial #407977. designed for the end labeling of small cylindrical or similar containers in boxes in...


    No price - Chicago, IL

      used ccl labeler.


      No price - Chicago, IL
      • Manufacturer: Norwood

      used ccl labeler with norwood printer.