• Schneeberger Type 7 Centromat Cutterhead Sharpening Machine

    No price - Portland, OR, USA

      schneeberger type 7 centromat cutterhead sharpening machine, s/n 14823. very good condition. precision swiss sharpener for dressing knives without removal from cutterhead, eliminating the need to...

    • SCHNEEBERGER Centromat Sharpening machine

      No price - Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: SCHNEEBERGER

      schneeberger sharpening machine, type centromat cj8uv

    • 1998 GUBISCH CW 2 Garner CW 2

      No price - Saxony, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Gubisch

      self and self dismantling! appropriate tool in listing: a3175092 and a3175105 gubsich centromat type cw 2 angle combination for window and door production, with 50 mm diameter. spindle length pr...

    • Stehle 112/So. Tool IV 68 / wing IV 78

      No price - Saxony, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Stehle

      indutec window tool + door tool / stealing type 112/so. iv 68 / 68 t-rail, aufgessetzt euro rebate 20 x 8 g division of ventilation above and below 5 x 12 mm into the cold zone extension type 162/...

    • GUBISCH CW3000 Angle combination

      No price - Sterup, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Gubisch

      angle combination gubisch centromat cw3000 / new machine for window and door manufacturing -schlitzautomat sided for straight and angled connections - milling machine for longitudinal profiling - u...

    • 1975 Other KABAG-Wiggert, concrete plant + + Zementsilo bands !!!

      $7,996 Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: B & S
      • Mileage: 0 km

      stationary concrete plant kabag-wiggert centromatkarlsruher construction gmbh capacity: 18 m³ / hmischer: pan mixers, kabag-wiggert centromat ce 30, 0.50 m³bindemittel: 1 cement silo (volume:. 22.0...


      $2,919 - Campbellfield, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Spinner

      this machine is in great working condition. it was previously used in a chocolate factory cleaning molds.it is designed to dry and clean parts, tools and molds by using centrifugal force.there is a...