• Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Plant - 8,600 Liters

    No price - Perth Amboy, NJ
      • Capacity: 8,600 Liters

      phoenix equipment corporation has this used active pharmaceutical ingredient (api) plant immediately available. this pilot api plant has 20 reactors in 7 segregated processing suites for gmp manufa...

    • Hollow Flight Screw

      $45,500 - Moberly, MO

        hollow flight screw - 22' long x 30" tall x 17" diameter shaft. constructed of stainless steel and built by kws manufacturing co. for use as a cooling screw in a plastics processing plant. unit has...

      • Industrial Screw Dryer

        $178,000 - Moberly, MO

          industrial screw dryer - 60" diameter x 16' long x 1/4" thick carbon steel screw. 9" screw shaft. 24" screw pitch. scraper blades between flights to keep walls of housing clean. bolt holes on fligh...

        • CEI Model 5000 C Hot Oil Heater

          $56,000 - Moberly, MO

            cei model 5000 c hot oil heater - 5 mmbtu model op-cr4-go-30 dual fuel power flame burner. skid mounted. controls. good condition.

          • Vulcan Portable Fluidized Bed Calciner with Vapor Recovery Unit

            $2,200,000 - Moberly, MO

              vulcan® portable fluidized bed calciner with vapor recovery unit - fully mobile calciner that can be used for a wide variety of thermal desorption, calcining, pyrolysis or incineration applications...

            • Gencor HYCG0-100 1 MMBtu Oil Heater

              $28,500 - Moberly, MO

                gencor hycg0-100 1 mmbtu oil heater - 5 hp lincoln electric motor. includes a helical coil design for maximum efficiency. pressure 350 psig maximum at 600 degrees fahrenheit. a power flame burner c...

              • Gencor 1 MMBtu/hr. Hot Oil Heater

                $29,500 - Moberly, MO

                  gencor 1 mmbtu/hr. hot oil heater - skid-mounted hot-oil heater. model number: 27cfl. serial number: 2436. includes insulation and expansion tank. heater is fired by an s.t. johnson oil burner, mod...

                • American Hydrotherm 400,000 Btu/hr. Hot Oil Heater

                  $18,500 - Moberly, MO

                    american hydrotherm 400,000 btu/hr. hot oil heater - electrically heated hot oil heater powered by two (2) warren electric corp. 230/460 v, 48 kw, 3-phase heaters. includes electrical control panel...

                  • Airstream Stainless Steel Food Grade Fluidized Bed Dryer

                    $228,000 - Moberly, MO

                      airstream stainless steel food grade fluidized bed dryer - efficiently heat or dry your product, deactivate or regenerate catalyst, use as a fluidized bed reactor or adsorber or desorber of chemica...

                    • Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment

                      $317,000 - Moberly, MO

                        vibrating fluidized bed equipment - for solids cooling and drying. includes the following: complete vibrating fluidized bed (vibrator, wind box, distributor plate, bed section, classifier section a...