• 2012 Chen Hsong JM650-SVP/2 715-75 Chen Hsong Injection Molding Machine

    No price - Boca Raton, FL, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong

    chen hsong injection molding machine '12 control: b & r smart mold controller equipped with: - 75 oz. injection unit - 2 sets of core pull - 2 sets of pneumatic air blow - automatic mold height a...

  • 1994 7/8" YIEH CHEN 2 DIE THREAD ROLLER 16256

    No price - Des Plaines, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: YIEH CHEN

    model yc-20 coolant system one shot lubrication system

  • Chen PET CP-M120

    No price - Blackburn, United Kingdom
      • Screw Diameter: 110 mm

      pet preform injection moulding machine chen pet cp-m120 (screw 110mm) with b&r controller – display in english. includes : • chillers (both manufactured in 2007/2008) • pet preform complete moulds ...


      No price - Alicante, Spain
      • Manufacturer: Fanuc
      • Control: FANUC 0-M

      16 tools control: fanuc 0-m | toolchanger: umbrella | table dimensions mm.: 650x400 | cooling through the tool.: do not

    • 2004 CHEN DE PLASTICS CJ480M3V

      No price - Barcelona, Spain
      • Manufacturer: CHEN DE PLASTICS

      in operation. with robot. clamp force: 4800 kn clamp force: 481 tons mould opening stroke: 755 mm. platen size: 1135 x 1130 mm. space between tie bars: 800 x 770 mm. maximum daylight: 1555 mm. mini...

    • 1996 Chen Hsong JM128 MKIII-C 70Z Injection Moulding

      No price - Hamburg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong

      clamp (ton): 128 crnwc machine type: injection moulding

    • 2016 Chen Hsong JM98-Ai-SVP/2 Jetmaster 98

      No price - Ljubljana, Slovenia
      • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong

      jetmaster series jm68 jm98-ai-svp/2 driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system, the jetmaster-svp/2 combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servomotor, integrated with a pr...

    • 2003 Chen Hsong SM180T 180T Injection Molding Machine

      No price - Guangdong, China
      • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong
      • Screw Diameter: 52mm

      supermaster with original 2000 computer mould capacity 460mm. screw diameter: 52mm made in taiwan

    • 2007 Chen Hsong SM250TS 250T Injection Molding Machine

      No price - Guangdong, China
      • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong
      • Screw Diameter: 45mm. .

      taiwan chen hsong super master 250t used injection molding machine for sale youtube video: model: sm250ts. year: 2007.. screw diameter: 45mm. . tie bar spacing: 620x620mm. high precision. very go...

    • Chen Hsong Minijet MJ55

      No price - Victoria, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Chen Hsong

      new minijet injection moulder, model mj55. features include: + injection unit screw diameter mm 25/28/31 shot weight (ps) gms 56/71/87 screw ld ratio 22/20/18 injection pressure mpa 203/162/132 scr...