No price - Beaune, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: CLEMENS
  • CLEMENS Sprühkammer

    No price - Wallertheim, Germany

      for selective removal of the stick drives consisting of 2 stainless steel hoods with 4 adjustable nozzles, plastic brush strips and plastic flaps for drift prevention, nozzle working pressure 4-6ba...


      No price - Wallertheim, Germany

        demonstration unit clemens biomulch roller ecoroll, working width 120cm with 3-pt. mounting frame rigid special price demonstrator 2.100, - incl

      • CLEMENS Rotorbürste Ausstellungsgerät

        No price - Wallertheim, Germany

          for cleaning the water bodies and for removing weeds from the vines, drive via oil motor, with hydraulic lines, 4-edge universal holder, thread brush: working width 350mm with 6x17 plastic threads)...

        • 2002 Clemens Wiesenhobel

          No price - Bad Wildungen, Germany Recently Added

            two counter-rotating screws, pressure roller, with the drill and lighting.

          • Clemens RADIUS OBSTBAU 600 mm Schar

            No price - Brackenheim, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Clemens

            clemens radius (600 mm coulter) fruit cultivation, inter-axle cultivation, with boom adjustable from 0.90 to 1.30 mtr. hydraulic lifting 90 degree, hydraulic tilt adjustment flat coulter, electric...

          • 2014 Clemens stock brush Bj

            No price - Hüttwilen, Switzerland
            • Manufacturer: BJ

            pivoting design, price is for collection and cash payment

          • 2015 Clemens CLEMENS Multiclean

            No price - Tresdorf, Austria
            • Manufacturer: Clemens

            clemens multiclean mower brush. 380 mm aluminum shaft, equipped with robust, smooth special cords. for effective weed control and removal of the water shoots in the intermediate stock area. with...

          • 1989 Clemens Zwischenachsgerät

            $3,152 - Europe
            • Manufacturer: VAT

            price details: incl. 19% vat

          • 2015 Clemens Clemens Multiclean ÜZ

            $9,990 - Tresdorf, Austria
            • Manufacturer: Clemens

            clemens multiclean brushes with overlapping frame, heavy lifting mast including inclination adjustment, storage device and mounting bracket for mounting on front hydraulics.