• Isothermal Systems Research Spraycool Liquid Cooling System Test Chamber

    $2,375 - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Isothermal Systems Research

    isothermal systems research spraycool liquid cooling system (test chamber) 22x21x30 cooling system fluke hydra data acquisition unit

  • Spot Cooling Systems 10SFU-1 GEN-1607

    $1,200 - San Jose, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Spot Cooling Systems

    the portable movincool, model no. 10sfu-1, requires 115v, 1ph, 60hz, and 9.8a (input amperes). cooling capacity is 10,000 btu/hour. it uses an r-22 refrigerant, which should be charged at 1.05 lb...

  • I & H Engineered Systems Spray Tunnel

    No price - Ravenna, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: I & H

    model 5 x 40 approximate 5' w x 40' l plastic belt driven by a 2hp, 360/575 volt, 3460 rpm variable speed gear motor end in-feed with adjustable height panel. internal spray bars end feed with a 60...

  • Maxi Cool Systems Lab Equipment #213010

    No price - West Windsor Township, NJ, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Maxi Cool Systems

    laboratory cooling unit. manufactured by maxi cool systems, small portable refrigeration unit for use in a lab setting. model rc100cl020, serial #15146 rated for -15 to 35 degrees c. reservoir has ...

  • MQ Power Systems # KD115V TD720GE- 363CSL1607 #221286

    No price - West Windsor Township, NJ, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: MQ Power Systems # KD115V

    135 kw, cs, standby diesel generator set. manufactured by mq power systems # kd115v. model # td720ge- 363csl1607, serial # 5300544073 lm-647177-1201. skid mounted, in outdoor sound proofing enclosu...

  • PDC Machines System

    No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: PDC Machines
    • Capacity: Unknown

    pilot polymerization system (built by pdc machines in 1999) with dual 20 litre 316 s/s reactors rated at 150 psi @ 100c, and cooling capability as well, each reactor system with multiple addition l...

  • 2009 Syngas Loop Cooling & Separation Module FP414

    No price - Soperton, GA, USA

      alcohol cooling module and separator vessels. includes three separator vessels. for a list of all components enter fp414 in search terms box.

    • Carrier Fluid Bed Dryer System

      No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Carrier

      carrier 72 inch diameter fluid bed dryer system.150 tons per hour, 1,000,000 mmbtu/hr., carrier vibrating equipment inc. thermal fluidized bed dryer, mfg. # 26932-109, built 2008 (qty. 2 available)...

    • 2009 Glycol Cooling Skid 21-glycol

      No price - Soperton, GA, USA

        glycol cooling & recirculation skid. includes glycol tank 2'x2'x6' for capacity of 120 gallons, (2) centrifugal recirculation pumps itt goulds 1 x 1.25 - 5a1 with mech seal and 3hp baldor motors pu...

      • Astex AX6500 Diamond Growth System

        No price - Leominster, MA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Astex

        microwave plasma cvd (mpcvd) "clamshell" diamond deposition system designed & produced by astex. capable of high rate single-crystal (scd) diamond homoepitaxy as well as growth of polycrystalline, ...