• 2012 Gaspardo ALLIANTE

    • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

      country: france | division: farm equipment | attachments: certified advertising call address 06 60 35 63 74 semi coupling width 4m, 32 rows corex discs, pneumatic turbine, gangway, covering hook, multi-control b...

      $20,632 (USD)
    • 2013 Maschio NINA 300 Corex-Scheibenschar Aktionsmaschine

      • Manufacturer: Maschio

        nina 300 25-r corex-schare complett-line cultivator drilling machine in 3 m working width with corex-discs 12cm row spacing headstock lower link connection cat stepless 3-range oil bath gearbox with twist-off...

        $9,707 (USD)
        Prüm, Germany
      • 2017 Gaspardo NINA 300 COREX-Scheibenschar Drillmaschinen 7900€

        • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

          gaspardo nina - 25 corex double disc shares - stepless transmission with 3 cams in the oil bath - dosing wheels for coarse and fine seed material - single and centralized chime adjustment - stirrer shaft can...

          $9,135 (USD)
          Rovišće, Croatia
        • 2017 Gaspardo NINA 300 COREX-Scheibenschar Drillmaschinen7700€

          • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

            description gaspardo nina - 25 corex double disc coulters - continuous transmission with 3 cocks in the oil bath - dosing wheels for coarse and fine seed crop - single and central adjustment of the agitator - sw...

            $8,979 (USD)
          • 2015 Maschio Dama 300 24 Corex

            • Manufacturer: Maschio

              (double, swinging, infinitely variable), loading platform with railings and ascent, storage supports, lighting and warning signs vat, shipping costs add to cart add to wish list bookmark print product informatio...

              $19,337 (USD)
              Eppingen, Germany
            • 2008 Maschio DCR 3000-ALIANTE

              • Manufacturer: Maschio
              • Working Width: 9.84 feet

              maschio drill combination erpice dcr 300k travel legge zahnpackerwalze nockenabschaltkupplung gaspardo aliante 300scr pneumatic seed drill 24 rows corex disc coulter hydraulic blower drive brackets, ligh...

              $15,967 (USD)
              Albersdorf, Germany
            • 2014 Ga Ninja 300 Sowing machine Nina

              • Manufacturer: Ga

                sowing machine gaspardo nina incl. 25 corex discs state machine: 90% wear parts: 80% work to be carried out: ready for use location: andelfingen art.nr

                $10,348 (USD)
                Gampelen, Switzerland
              • MASCHIO DM CLASSIC 3000

                • Manufacturer: Maschio

                  walterscheid gel.-wave with slip clutch tooth packer roller 500 mm 24 corex disc coulters el. fgs 3 + 3, ha-counter mech. half width shut-off striegel, ladesteg, lighting hydr. row marker plus first-time use plus...

                  $20,719 (USD)
                  Rommerskirchen, Germany
                • 2017 Maschio DC CLASSIC/DAMA 300

                  • Manufacturer: Maschio

                    seed drills combination consisting of maschio dc classic 3000 rotary harrow and maschio dama 3000/24 ​​drills; circular harrow: pto shaft 540/750/1000 rpm with through-feed, with depth adjustment for follower rol...

                    $25,630 (USD)
                    Sulingen, Germany
                  • 2013 Gaspardo Dama 300

                    • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

                      two-disk plow lighting covering disk tramline clutches conventional a new gaspardo dama 300 mechanical construction drill, year: 2013, 24 corex double disc coulters, saattankhalthalt: 500l, ladestg with multiflex...

                      $11,402 (USD)
                      Grafenstein, Austria

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