• Cybio Cybi Well Stacker 350 2 2110 Robotic Rotating Table

    $250 - Cridersville, OH
    • Manufacturer: Cybio

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 this table is in good overall condition. it came from a working system, but has not been tested by us. please see the pictures for more details.

  • Opaljena Platemate Cybio / 96/384 Automated Pipettor w/ 2 Stackers

    $721 - Cridersville, OH
    • Manufacturer: Opaljena

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 this pipettor is in good condition. it works well but it is missing a masterflex pump on one of the stackers. the motor for the pump is there but the actual pump is gone. thi...