• Dalren Kerngroesse 100/150 mm Gross - rewinder

    $14,378 - Halle (Saale), Germany
    • Manufacturer: Dalren

    we offer: gross - rewinder dalren core size 100/150 mm the machine is part einere wallpaper manufacturing facility. she served the separate production of large rolls. she was purchased in 2010 used...

  • 1984 MAF Straffpacker SBP 4-75 Stretch film & packaging machine

    $14,378 - Halle (Saale), Germany
    • Manufacturer: MAF

    we offer folienstretch - and -packing machine maf type tight packer sbp 4-75 the plant originates from the assets of the paver in a wallpaper for vinylstruckturtapeten or flachvenyltapeten it is pa...

  • 1986 VEB Chemieanlagenbau Stassfurt/Sangerh SZB0 1000C 960 1/min 6 Beladungen/h centrifuge

    $4,324 - Halle (Saale), Germany
    • Manufacturer: VEB Chemieanlagenbau Stassfurt/Sangerh

    wе offer centrifuge szb min 6 loadings/h dei display is specified yet the centrifuge iste part of a squeegee wash within einere wallpaper manufacturing facility. you the separation of the liquid wa...

  • 1985 Paal´s Packpressen PA C Baler paper press

    $3,258 - Halle (Saale), Germany
    • Manufacturer: Paal

    wе offer baler paper press paal pa c 13 t the machine is designed for grouting edge gb from the wallpaper manufacturing plant the display is refined even further the plant originates from the asset...