• 2009 Loading station Debag

    $1,693 - Roding, Germany Recently Added

      loading backstation fabr. debag consisting of oven, type dila5, no. d310360, year 2009 oven, type helios 4060e, no. h515007, year 2009 proofer, type of fermentation room dila, year 2009

    • 1998 Flooring DEBAG Monsun

      $2,117 - Roding, Germany Recently Added

        modular oven debag, type monsun, gas operated year 1998 can be used as a rack truck for each 1 rack truck there are 6 stoves in total. partially hand-controlled, partly with programmable control

      • 2002 Debag / Monsum 672D Floodlift - Monsum672D

        $6,880 - Andelst, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Debag / Monsum

        floors backing debag / monsum manufacturer: debag / monsum type: 672d year of construction: 2002 7 flocks (60 x 160 cm) herd height 6 x 14 cm and 1 x 18 cm power consumption 38 kw all flocks with s...

      • DEBAG Mini 8R Maker oven bakery oven

        No price - Wilhelmshaven, Germany
        • Manufacturer: DEBAG

        your customers through the pleasant fragrance of your bakery department are attracted, often also lead to a spontaneous purchase. fresh and crunchy baked goods you produce with the maker of the mod...

      • 1994 Baking oven DEBAG Monsun S 3

        $1,905 - Delaware, USA Recently Added

          we offer you debag monsun racking furnace type s-3-800 without rack carts, used, bakery condition manufacturer no .: 35013 year of construction 11/1994 the stove was serviced annually by the custom...