• 2012 Mercedes-Benz 310 CDI roller shutters

    $27,507 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
    • Mileage: 103,000 km

    short cab leaf spring loaded abs 3-seater 6-speed shift places cityroler dekra certified fixed back wall 5 euro

  • 2004 Orten SG35 SafeServer Beverage / Curtain Stacker

    $5,821 - Ludwigshafen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Orten

    if you are interested, please contact +49 176/617 322 98 orten safeserver (dekra certified) orten sliding-panel system 2-row load securing device bpw axes disc brakes edscha soft top portals forkli...

  • 2003 Ackermann 3-Achs Curtainsider Certified Beverages

    $5,186 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Ackermann

    mercedes-benz axles disc brake air-cushioned curtainsider bodybuilder böse dekra certified 5 pairs of stakes 4-row load securing device aluminum roof portals

  • 2007 Berger 3-Achs SafeServer light

    $16,829 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Berger

    saf axles disc brake air-cushioned places safeserver setup 2-row load securing device dekra certified portals edscha soft top pallet box

  • 1995 Kubota B 1600/1702 Garden tractor

    $7,706 - France
    • Manufacturer: Kubota

    tractor 4 rm diesel 927cm3 perfect state, revised, tires, battery, seat, all filters, paint etc. new sold with front loader fast stalling eec manufacturing weight of the assembly 950 kg approximate...

  • 2012 Iveco 120 E 25, EEV, AHK, swivel wall lifting platform, TOP

    $42,230 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Iveco

    short cab air-cushioned maul trailer coupling ball head trailer coupling 3-seater spoiler sunscreen cruise control seat heating swivel wall mounting system evil, dekra certified 2,000 kg of bear lo...

  • 2004 MAN 8.180 Swing wall doors

    $15,770 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MAN
    • Mileage: 164,000 km

    short cab leaf / air suspension abs differential lock sunscreen cruise control 6-speed shift swivel wall mounting system ewers 2-row load securing device dekra certified portals euro 3

  • 2007 Merceron M3 43 SD 1

    $23,814 - Leipzig, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Merceron
    • Capacity: 28,180 kg

    tank trailer from 1.hand, top condition equipment lift axle, air suspension, support legs, spare wheel safety & environment abs, disc brake further information or photos on request on request or ag...

  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz 2541 L Actros, swing wall, LBW, top equipment

    $78,851 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

    retarder climate swivel wall construction system types topliner dekra certified 2,000 kg of bear loading board wall long faherhaus with high roof (f04) spoiler sunscreen 50er underfloor trailer cou...

  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz 2532 Actros

    $18,945 - Bernkastel-Kues, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

    driver's cab full air suspension spoiler sunscreen abs differential lock climate cruise control seat heating automatic transmission liftable steering axle swivel wall mounting system types topliner...