• Inconnu Delimbe

    • Manufacturer: Inconnu

      delimbe pneumatic seed drill for green, fodder and micro-granulated seedlings (bromine, ryegrass, clover). can be installed on seeders, dethatchers or combs. various sizes of tanks and working widths. electric an...

      No price
      Québec, Canada
    • 2015 Inconnu Delimbe

      • Manufacturer: Inconnu

        delimbe pneumatic seed drill for green fertilizer plant, forage plant and micro-granulated, (bromine, ryegrass, clover). installs on drills, dethatchers or combs. several vessel sizes and travails. electric and h...

        No price
        Québec, Canada

            distributor delimbe 28m recovery 30 / 31m potentiometer tractor hitch 3 points year 2014

            No price
            Sévigny-Waleppe, France
          • Delimbe T18 300L

            • Manufacturer: Delimbe

              variable speed attachment sounder, variable speed on both sides, different seams after seeding amount, can be mounted on stub harrows, razors, drums or other

              $3,053 (USD)
            • 2011 Delimbe T 20

              • Manufacturer: Delimbe

                16-speed extension machine the seed drill can be used for rape, grass seed, grain or fertilizer, dosing up to 950 kg of grain per hour. the machine can be powered by gps. tank contents 200,400,600 or 800 ltr.

                $3,882 (USD)
              • Gregoire Besson SXL 40

                • Manufacturer: Grégoire

                  cover crop sxl 40 discs with delimbe semi-hydraulic ent 16 outputs + roll bar

                  $8,638 (USD)
                  Lonlay-l'Abbaye, France
                • 2007 Peecon TULIP MULTDISC 400

                  • Manufacturer: Peecon

                    - 4 mtr. work width - 2 riding dish - packager - incl. delimbe zaaimachine

                    $6,691 (USD)
                    Esbeek, Netherlands
                  • 2010 SMS U/DBM400T

                    • Manufacturer: SMS

                      4m - diam. 610 mm kit lighting + roller bar hydraulic repliage distributor delimbe t18 eclator pipe chassis: foldable brand: sms

                      $15,549 (USD)
                      Upper Normandy, France
                    • 2013 Metal-Fach KRUK U710

                      • Manufacturer: Metal-fach

                        shelf lifter 4.50 m herse peigne roll bar grand diameter delimbe t 18 semoir with 9 outputs capacity 300 liters price sold depart concession

                        $13,998 (USD)
                        Saint-Gilles, France
                      • 2011 Väderstad CARRIER CR 300 Stubble cultivator

                        • Manufacturer: Väderstad
                        • Model: CARRIER CR 300

                          dismantled machine with roller - weight with masses 3000 kg + seeder delimbe

                          $11,063 (USD)
                          Brégnier-Cordon, France

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