• 2001 DGR Graphic GmbH E01+F03 Casing-In Line

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: DGR Graphic GmbH

    casing-in machine e01 svlmnypit + forming press f03 specially for casing-in of diaries, pockets, children-books and passports

  • 2015 DGR Graphic GmbH RHLE30 + FE33 Book Production Line + Forming Press

    No price - Espelkamp, Germany
    • Manufacturer: DGR Graphic GmbH

    book production line rhle 30 ieh7eez with block feeder, rounder and backer, lining and headbanding station, casing-in station with coverfeeder and delivery forming press fe33