• BAO DING 6-5/8" x .300" HIGH FREQUENCY TUBE MILL, 2009

    No price - Newark, NJ, USA

      tube diameter range- 1" (25.4mm) - 6-5/8" (168.3mm) wall thickness range- 0.040" (1mm) - 0.300" (7.6mm) maximum speed: 80 meters per minute, shaft diameter: 110mm, direction: right to left. ent...

    • 2016 DINGS 55CR

      $57,500 - Fargo, ND, USA
      • Manufacturer: DINGS

      dings model 55cr severe duty self-cleaning electro suspended overhead magnetic separator for inline mounting equipped with: - balanced magnetic circuit - coils wound with class "h" anodized aluminu...

    • Mine Trader - PA

      No price - Somerset, PA, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: DINGS 36X96

      dings erialnumber

    • Mine Trader - PA

      No price - Somerset, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: DINGS 36x96

      36 x 96 dings wet drum magnetic separators, (7) total units in stock. stainless steel skin and stainless steel tub. serialnumber : orsalelistprice : 10000

    • General Electric GE 9T23L8078 Q48L001

      $2,224 - Leander, TX, USA
      • Manufacturer: General electric

      when power was applied we measured the appropriate voltages at the terminals.  it was not tested under a load.  no further testing was performed.

    • Sorensen SGA160/63D-0AAE N19D033

      $1,499 - Leander, TX, USA
      • Manufacturer: Sorensen

      we jumpered j1 pin 5 & 6 to allow local control and switched on.  this unit powered on, the fan came on, and both displays were clear and bright.  we gave it a quick voltage test and found that it ...

    • Hewlett Packard HP 4193A R01D009

      $1,999 - Leander, TX, USA
      • Manufacturer: Hewlett packard

      this analyzer is in mostly-working condition.  we were able to obtain resistance readings that made sense on 1k and 10k resistors, but 10 ohms read high (possibly from contact resistances) and 50k,...

    • NSK/Panasonic 3-Axis Robot Module 14 Vertical / 21" Horizontal / Rotary Stage

      $699 - Leander, TX, USA
      • Manufacturer: NSK

      this was removed from a decommissioned robot and not tested under power. the horizontal axis moves easily from stop to stop.  rotation is very smooth and easy.  the holding brake on the vertical ax...

    • Sanyo MDF-U2086S R01U014

      $1,999 - Leander, TX, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Up-Right

      this freezer was pulled from a working environment. power was applied to verify input and freezer integrity and allowed to run for 24-hours to verify consistent operation. ultra-low temerature freezer

    • Sorensen SGA160/63D-0AAE O28D012

      $1,935 - Leander, TX, USA
      • Manufacturer: Sorensen

      this supply is in good working condition.  we gave it a quick check and found the voltage output off by about 3% from indicated, but otherwise it works as expected.  we are only able to draw 30 amp...