• ENI 3100L

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      eni 3100l details eni 3100leni 3100l rf amplifier, 250khz-105mhz 100wthe 3100l produces 100 watts of class a linear power output over the entire frequency range from 250 khz to 150 mhz. it has...

    • ENI 240L

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        eni 240l details eni 240lrf amplifier: 20khz-10mhz /40w/50db/1.5db the 240l is a class a power amplifier. the 240l is designed for ultrasonic, rfi/emi, plasma, and laser modulation applicati...

      • ENI A300

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          eni a300 details eni a300the a300 broadband rf power amplifier is a completely solid-state rf power amplifier capable of providing more than 300 w of linear power from 0.3 to 35mhz. this ampli...

        • ENI 601L

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            eni 601l details eni 601lamplifier 0.8 to 1ghz, 1.2w. gain: 37db nominal. input/output impedanec: 50 ohms. input vswr: 2:1 max. output vswr: 3:1 max. noise figure: 9db nominal.

          • ENI A1000

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              eni a1000 details eni a1000the a1000 broadband power amplifier amplifies power levels of sources (am, fm, ssb, tv, complex modulations) without tuning or band switching. flat frequency respons...

            • ENI 2100L

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                eni 2100l details eni 2100lthe 2100l broadband power amplifier is a solid-state power amplifier covering the frequency range of 10khz to 12mhz with a class a linear power output of more than 1...

              • ENI 603L

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                  eni 603l details eni 603lthe 603l broadband power amplifier is an ultra wideband, class a, solid state amplifier that is capable of delivering over 3 watts of power with a flat frequency respo...

                • ENI 325LA

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                    eni 325la details eni 325larf power amplifierthe 325la is a class a, 25w linear amplifier.function: specifications:frequency range 250 khz - 150 mhzoutput level 25wgain 50db nominalinput/o...

                  • ENI A500

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                      eni a500 details eni a500the a500 rf power amplifier covers the frequency range of 300khz to 35mhz with linear power output of 500 watts. primarily designed for use in hf transmitters, nuclear...

                    • ENI 1140L

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                        eni 1140l details eni 1140leni rf power amplifier 1140l the 1140l is an all solid state power amplifier operating over the range of 9 khz to 250 khz with a flat gain of 50 db. its 50 ohm input...