• ERBE ErboKryo 6

    $4,139 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    fahrbares kryochirurgie gerät, mit vielen sonden, sg.zst.

  • ERBE Selector

    $2,127 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    model 1524000, with hand piece, foot switch, trolley and suction, nd.

  • Erbe Wolf - Cold Light Source 4005.06

    $266 - Wendelstein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Wolf

    cold light source erbe with wolf source 4005.06 intensity of the lamp can be set, slot for second lamp sale of vat according to § 25a ustg without additional charge sales to our terms and condition...

  • 2002 Erbe - Helix Hydro-Jet Electrosurgical Unit

    $1,275 - Wendelstein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: JET Tools

    erbe helix hydro-jet water jet cutter, built 2002, foot switch, touch screen, languages: german, english, espangol, français sales to our terms and conditions. errors and spelling mistakes possible...

  • ERBE ICC 350

    $2,128 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    hf surgical device, monopolar cutting 300w, bipolar 120w, dimensions 410 x 152 x 368mm, very good condition, ground pad cable, mono- and bi-polar cable, hand piece, apc 300 anschluss/connection

  • ERBE ICC 200

    $2,117 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    erbe icc 200 with endocut function, monopolar 200w, bipolar 120w, very good condition, optional with ground pad and cable, monopolar hand piece and cable, bipolare cable and other accessory

  • ERBE ICC 50

    $2,011 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    electro surgical device with 50 watt power for monopolar and bipolar use, with foot pedal, monopolar cable and hand grip, ground pad cable, very good condition

  • ERBE ICC 300

    $2,117 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    gebrauchtes hf-chirurgiegerät, monopolar schneiden 300w, bipolar 120w, maße 410 x 152 x 368 mm, apc 300 anschluss /connection, sehr guter zustand

  • ERBE APC 300

    $1,585 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    system für die argonplasmakoagulation, wagen, sg. zst.

  • ERBE Beamer 2

    $734 - Landshut, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ERBE

    argon gas beamer for polypectomy, complete with all connections, with gas bottle 5ltr.,vg. cond., no cart