• Ericsson 975PM

    $12,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Ericsson

    ericsson fsu-975pm fusion splicer (fsu-975pm) condition: used rent price: per month

  • Ericsson 995PM

    $14,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Ericsson

    ericsson fsu-995pm fusion splicer (fsu995pm fsu975pm) low arc counts,very good working condition.this set includes user's manual, power supply, fiber stripper, cleaver,one pair of holder(other type...

  • Ericsson RSU-12

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      ericsson rsu-12 details ericsson rsu-12ribbon arc fusion splicer rsu12 ericsson's rsu 12 fusion splicer is the dream machine for splicing ribbon with up to 12 fibers quickly, easily, and accu...

    • Ericsson FSU 995PM

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        ericsson fsu 995pm details ericsson fsu 995pm polarization maintaining fusion splicer - applicable fibers: single-mode, multimode, dispersion-shifted, polarization maintaining, erbium - splic...

      • Ericsson FSU 995

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          ericsson fsu 995 details ericsson fsu 995fsu 995pm/fsu995pm fusion splicer the demands for more specialized and sophisticated splicing equipment for use in industrial applications has increas...

        • Ascom TEMS Investigation

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            ascom tems investigation details ascom tems investigation rf network analyzerfeatures gsm, gprs, edge, gan (uma), wcdma, hspa, hspa+, cdma (including ev-do rev a), wimax, and lte supportsup...

          • 1995 AKE Ericsson AKE EBL 1400 Bandsawline

            No price - Harju County, Estonia Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: AKE Ericsson

            reducer bandsawline with roundfeed - full loginfeed, debarker cambio 66, reducer kockum 244-12, twin bandsaw ake, conveyorsystem for halfcant roundfeed, chipperedger kockum 515, outfeed, manual sta...

          • 2009 Sk 50 tooling 13 x with SANDVIK & ERICS

            No price - Babberich, Netherlands
            • Manufacturer: Sandvik

            saf posimatic 7f weldingmanupulator lasmanupulator year: workpiece weight by welding positioner (kg): 650 kg table diameter (mm): 700 x 700 mm size 1100 x 800 x 1000 mm

          • Ericsson FSU-975

            No price - Lake Mary, FL

              ericsson fsu-975 details ericsson fsu-975fsu975 fusion splicer ericsson fsu-975 datasheet & specifications

            • Ericsson FSU 925 PM

              No price - Lake Mary, FL
              • Manufacturer: PM

              ericsson fsu 925 pm details ericsson fsu 925 pmfsu925pm/fsu 925pm fiber splicer the fsu 925 pm fusion splicer can be used to splice all single-mode and multimode silica fibers available on th...