• Fat baking device esback

    No price - Altenglan, Germany

      it is an es-back branded berlin car. for about 40 - 45 berliners with a fermentation chamber and 10 tipping troughs it is in a very good clean condition. made of stainless steel if desired, you c...

    • Köhler Esback

      $2,449 - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Köhler

      köhler esback used machine esback grease baking station 380 volts with proofing cabinet turning car with 8 pads stainless steel execution mobile temperature control manual

    • Esback Fettbackgerät Berlinerpfanne mit Gärschrank auf Ro

      No price
      • Manufacturer: Esback

      grease baking equipment & fryers esback grease baking unit berlin pan proofer on roll mup2z the advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have occurred.

    • Köhler Fettbackgeräte deep-fat-frying-devices, fabr. Esback, 48 Berliner

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Köhler

      deep-fat-frying-devices, fabr. esback, 48 berliner köhler fettbackgeräte stainless steel , moveable, turning system\r\ndimension: inside 884 x 724 x 130 mm\r\n outside 1050/1930 x 890 x 1220 mm\r\n...

    • ESBACK Brezelbackofen bis 8qm Backflä pretzel-oven - continous working, stainless steel

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: ESBACK

      pretzel-oven - continous working, stainless steel esback brezelbackofen bis 8qm backflä fabr. esback, type 660 011 000\r\ncap. approx. 100 pretzel/h, \r\nautomatic saltstrewer, variable speed