• Greasy Esback

    No price - Altenglan, Germany Recently Added

      it is a berlin device of the brand esback, with turning device, drain plate, grille, fermenting room, with 10 tipping (aluminum) on request several available. this also includes a small extractor ...

    • Esback Berlin device

      No price - Altenglan, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Esback

      esback berlin device with fermentation room for 60 berlin, multiple kipptroegel is still gerreinigt

    • ESBACK Vollautomat fuer 36 Berliner Fat back device

      No price - Quickborn, Germany
      • Manufacturer: ESBACK

      fat back device make: esback -vollautomat for 36 berlin -with proofer and full turn basket -top overhaul -with warranty