• 2005 Extrude Hone CHEMTOOL E-314, Electrolytic, Stroke 8", "New & Never "

    No price - Lincolnshire, IL
    • Manufacturer: Chemtool

    serial no. c0292 new - 2005 (never put in production) this machine offers extremely fast, safe, and clean deburring, radius, or contouring on all areas of metal workparts. s...

  • 1996 No.10-8 Spectrum, Extrude Hone, Media Chiller and Re-Feed, Index Tbl, Flow Cntrl

    No price - Lincolnshire, IL
      • Weight: 8,300 Lbs.

      serial no. f96-0906 new - 1996 motor driven with 20 hp, 3 phase, 60 cycle a.c. hydraulic motor. specifications: opening - maximum........................................

    • Extruder Single Screw 5G3993

      No price - Carol Stream, IL

        benjamin eastwood co. stainless steel 4" screw soap plodder/extruder. designed to refine/mix/homogenize the mixture of soap noodles, perfumes and color; or to extrude the ready to cut soap. capabl...

      • Mixer, Vertical, Vacuum, S/st, Jkt, Cone, Extruder

        No price - Brisbane, CA

          vertical cone mixer, lab size, stainless steel construction, includes (2) vertically mounted sigma style dispersion blades, mounted in cone shaped mixing chamber. blades extrude product through dis...


          $2,669 - Landsdale, Australia
          • Manufacturer: KOCKUMS DE BAGER MACHINE

          kockums de bager machine, the de - bagger machine spikes & cuts bags of cement or any powder products , shakes product out of bag then drops bag into compactor , auger extrudes bag out one end , po...

        • Bepex Hutt DDP-200-300 Co-Extruder

          No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

            the bepex hutt ddp extruder is designed for universal applications and can process soft, viscous and firm mixtures. this unit allows for nuts, dried fruit and crispies to be included in the mixture...

          • Sollich KPH 800 Duplex Sollformat Bar Forming

            No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

              sollich kph 800 sollformat are special forming rollers that can form plain or relief products, or endless product ropes, depending on the type of roller fitted at the time. ideal for fat based prod...

            • 1991 DOLCI Extruder

              No price - Spain
              • Manufacturer: DOLCI

              dolci extrusion equipment extrude diam. 90 octagon dozer automatic changer automatic feeding rotary head, die 450 mm bobbin max. diam.: 1.100 mm max./min. thickness: gauge 1.200-120 max. width extr...

            • 2004 USA Cereal Bar Line

              $140,413 - Düsseldorf, Germany
              • Manufacturer: USA

              overhauled in 2016 the slitter does 14 bars across each 3 cm wide x 10 cm long, if you make calculation of running the belt at a low speed of 152 cm per minute, the line will run about 225 bars per...

            • 2016 Nissan Cabstar

              $43,062 - Bressols, France
              • Manufacturer: Nissan
              • Model: CABSTAR

              nissan cabstar nt400 nt 400 35.14 bv6 depanneuse hydraulic am 2016 new warranty 60 month or 160000kms power pack air conditioner cd radio bluetooth take-off requires all alu all hydraulic lo...