• 2009 FALC 1300 CULTILINE

    • Manufacturer: Falc

      59 inch bed forming with roller for packing firm seed bed pto driven 70-80 hp required 1486 lbs weight height adjustable rear wheels front discs for bed forming aged reduction of $4,000 taken against this cost

      Decorah, IA, USA
    • Falc Vangatritschi 4200 Leopard Shovel

      • Manufacturer: Falc

        4.2 m, in good condition, 80% cheaper than a new one.

        No price
        Bécancour, Canada
      • Falc Spatenmaschine

        • Manufacturer: Falc
          Lörzweiler, Germany
        • 2016 Falc CAT 800

          • Manufacturer: Falc

            shredder cat 800designation: cat miller 8000,80m of work; hammer and never never served

            Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, France
          • 2017 Falc FREELAND 3000

            • Manufacturer: Falc

              new number of bodies: 18 type: scope safety: bolt rotary charrue 3 meters power steering 1000 rpm box 230 hp cardan reinforcer with automatic limiter hydraulic rear cover with rear grille socs convexes

              Sévigny-Waleppe, France
            • 2017 Falc KRATOS 3000

              • Manufacturer: Falc
              • Working Width: 300 cm

              width: 3m herse rotative 3 meters housing 200cv barreveler packer diameter 550mm pdf rear cardan with clutch triangular stone protection

              Sévigny-Waleppe, France
            • 1985 Falc MAGNUM 3.5 m

              • Manufacturer: Falc

                herse rotative falc magnum 3.5 m 1 'rotors rear leaf blade roller bar hydraulic short door very good teeth

                Lestrem, France
              • 1999 Herses Rotatives FALC 3M

                • Manufacturer: 3M

                  state: good condition

                  No price
                  Banteux, France
                • Tractor Rotavator Falc 100" heavy duty

                  • Manufacturer: Falc

                    falc e2500 heavy duty rotavator to clear unused. weathered. great value.

                    No price
                    Dublin, Ireland
                  • 2017 Falc PELLICANO SUPER 1800

                    • Manufacturer: Falc

                      new working width: 1.8m cardan grand angle housing 540 rpm 150cv free wheel hammer knives steel posterier roller anti-shock safety open back cover

                      Sévigny-Waleppe, France