• Spark 920 LC Packing Famos Autosampler

    $6,200 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Spark

    spark 920 lc packing famos autosampler spark 920 is an automated sampling injector for use in liquid chromatography systems dispenser syringe: 250µl sample capacity: 96-well and 384-well microplate...

  • LC Packings HPLC System Famos Ultimate Switchos

    $2,500 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: LC Packings

    this system includes: spark model 920 famos well plate autosampler switchos nano flow lc packings ultimate capillary and nano hplc

  • Spark Model 920 LC Packings Famos Well Plate Autosampler

    $1,750 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Spark

    spark 920 is an automated sampling injector als for use in liquid chromatography hplc systems. sample capacity: 96-well and 384-well microplates loop volume up to 1000µl dispenser syringe: 250µ...

  • Famo G 350 N Doppelschleifmaschine

    No price - Bavaria, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Famo

    speed: 1400 u / min wheel dimensions: 400 x 55 mm motor power: 1.8 kw equipment: coolant, chip collection trays, stand cmme2

  • Bauer Famos IV 80

    $2,055 - Europe
    • Manufacturer: Bauer

    price details: price incl. vat/intermediation machine | condition category: very good (category 1)


    $1,003 - Korneuburg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Bauer


  • 1986 FAMO TNUV-A 5

    $1,794 - Bünde, Germany
    • Manufacturer: FAMO
    • Weight: 680 kg

    chip breaking flute grinding machine with vertical spindle, automatic adjustment of the grinding wheel and autom. oscillating facility.

  • Double floor type grinder Ø 500 x 60mm

    No price - Amel, Belgium

      mark: famo outside dim.: l 1350mm, w 850mm, h 1200mm capacity: mark: aeg, type: am4/4ll, serial number: 7011808, 4 kw, 380 v, 1435 t/min. start by star-triangle by hand speed change by hand with co...