• Farma Grapples / timber grabs

    $846 - Galway, Ireland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    farma grapples to suit mini diggers, mid size excavators, timber harvesters, forwarders . forestry cranes etc. can be sold separate or can be fitted to your machine. ...

  • Muu Merkki Hydr.ohj.+farma 10t

    $12,693 - Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    the dimension of 6 m farma t10 ruggedness of the loader wagon. hydraulic pilot control.

  • 2017 Farma 7.0-12

    $34,000 - Canada
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    the perfect log trailer for pulling behind a skidder or large tarctor. trailer is inspired from forwarders with vertical posts that allowing sorting. the octagonal frame is stronger than square tub...

  • 2017 Farma BC18

    $3,147 - Mikkeli, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    new energy wood. strong, reliable and easy to use.

  • Farma BC 18

    $3,162 - Lovisa, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    new handy farma bc 18 felling. available for both tilt and excavator attachments (s40 or s45) ask for other products farman.

  • 2013 Farma C6,3D +9 TON VAUNU

    $14,218 - Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    on / off the table diligent use of a good package condition. decapped use v.2013

  • 2016 Farma C 4,6 D

    $7,182 - Wiesmath, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    farma timber loader c4,6d complete. with 3to. endlosrotator, 0,16m² holzzange, 104cm opening width, 400kg lift capacity at full reach 4.6m, euro control without three point linkage. more opening wi...

  • 1996 Skogsekipage Valmet 6800 Farma 12T Griplastarkärra

    No price - Sweden Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Valmet
    • Hours: 8000 h

    good tires, chains. sold together with farma 12t 2 spoke (electric), radio controlled winch, gripper bucket crane 7m, 500 wheels, sliding boggie-12. see pictures includes late may, can be seen a...

  • Farma 1998 Forest CH 250 chipper

    $9,909 - Sastamala, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    a good switching condition of the farm, the tractor can be controlled by etäkaapeli pass in front of and behind the own hydraulic, hydraulic feed rollers, a hopper, a max log diameter 25cm.

  • 2017 Farma BC 18 for excavator

    $4,800 - Waterloo, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Farma

    bc 18 tree shear for excavator mounting. shears trees upto 7''. requires much less maintenance than saw grapples. perfect for mini excavators doing cleanup. crane/ boom mount model also available