• Farmi JL501

    No price - Québec, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    winch id number: 947609

  • Farmi JL351P

    $3,550 - Québec, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    winch treuil farmi forest jl351p for tractor pto new 7720lbs 165 'cable 3/8 for tractor to 17hp 50hp specification for more see

  • Farmi 121

    $19,486 - Gelderland, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    electric steering, rops drive, buckle shuttle, double slide, support legs.

  • Farmi S

    $5,010 - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    heavy-duty mechanical winch operates the universal joint shaft, hydraulic trim tabs. loader, good condition! rejäl mekanisk vinsch som driven with kraftöverföringsaxel, bra skick!

  • Farmi 260

    $13,918 - Kauhajoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    the input conveyor's own hydraulic. the oil cooler, hydraulic swing lip and the pipe, the cardan shaft. just sharpened blades.

  • Farmi takakuormain

    $1,735 - Lapua, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    takakuormaaja where the rotation, and the so-called hydraulic bucket. the quick-release attachment, dirt bucket, forks, lifting hook

  • Farmi JL61

    $3,674 - Iisalmi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    winch made max.vetotestejä. intact forest actions, ready to work. equipped with its own pump unit and the hydraulic system. ability to attach the radio control. new equivalent eur 6500. terms of de...


    $835 - Hankasalmi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    takakuormain, equipped with bucket and manure spike.

  • Farmi Rehuleikkuri

    $762 - Lahti, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    neat manufactured by normet rehuleikkuri!

  • Farmi Hf 150

    $2,729 - Gelderland, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Farmi

    farmi chipper. input 15 cm transaction: for sale | margin / vat: vat