• Fomaco FGM 26C 1104

    $59,000 - Skokie, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Fomaco

    fomaco fgm 26c pickle injector, equipped with 26 double needles, 23″ wide plastic conveyor belt, 2.2 kw   conveyor drive motor, 5.5 kw centrifugal pump motor, 480v/3ph/60hz, with pm-80 self-cleanin...

  • Fomaco FGM 48SW 5316

    No price - Skokie, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Fomaco

    used fomaco pickle injector, 48 double needles, bone-in and boneless products, 16″ wide stainless steel walking beam conveyor, plc touch screen controls, 1 hp conveyor drive motor, 7 hp centrifugal...

  • Fomaco 16/64F 5389

    No price - Skokie, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Fomaco

    fomaco pickle injector, 10″ wide conveyor belt, set up with 16 single needles and available with double or quad needles, 220v/3ph/60hz.

  • Fomaco FGM 26-104F

    $10,179 - Hobro, Denmark

      fomaco fgm 26-104f plug altar. sir.

    • Plug altar. Fomaco, Type FGM 80/320.

      $26,197 - Hobro, Denmark

        fomaco sticks salts. type: fgm 80/320. band length: 240cm. ribbon width: 70cm. tire height: 115cm. opening: width: 70cm. height: 19cm. total goals: length: 245cm. width: 120cm. height: 220cm. sir.

      • FOMACO Filling Machine

        $5,089 - Hobro, Denmark

          automatic - 12-20 pc pr. min. from 1 to 6 kg. fish. 380v automatick - 12-20 pcs. per minute. from 1 to 6 kilograms of fish. 380v

        • Fomaco Net Pads

          $2,919 - Hobro, Denmark

            fomaco net pads. ø measurements: 18cm. length: 41cm.

          • Fomaco Vacuumtumbler for 200 liter vans.

            $4,266 - Hobro, Denmark

              fomaco vacuum drum for 200 liter wagons. total goals: length: 180cm. width: 180 cm. height: 140cm. kt.

            • Fomaco FGM 208 M3 - Injector

              No price - Myre, Norway

                condition: good, working single head with 208 needles                 transport system width: 720 mm maximum product height: 150 mm needle diameter: 3 mm brine tank with rotary filter automatic lub...

              • Fomaco 16/64 F - Injector

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  condition: working 16 needle nests, 64 needles designed for injecting fish or chicken by salt and phosphate solution or marinade. such injector provides less using of manual labor and higher produc...