• Fomaco Netpåtrækker

    $2,925 - Hobro, Denmark

      fomaco netpåtrækker. Ø dimensions: 18cm. length: 41cm.

    • Fomaco Vacuumtumbler to 200liters vemagvogne.

      $4,275 - Hobro, Denmark

        fomaco vacuumtumbler to 200 liter vemagvogne. total goals: length: 180cm. width: 180cm. height: 140cm. kt.

      • Fomaco Rotation Filter, 100 Liters.

        $3,000 - Hobro, Denmark

          fomaco rotation filter 100 liters. kar length: 47,5cm. kar width: 62,5cm. kar depth: 36cm. total length: 90cm. overall width: 73cm. total height: 96cm.

        • 1991 Fomaco 26/104 - Injector

          No price - Myre, Norway

            injector for fish and chicken man. year: 1991 104 pickles   injector fomaco 26/104 is used for injection fish by salt and phosphate solution or marinade. it designed for non-stop work. such injecto...

          • Fomaco 16/64 F - Injector

            No price - Myre, Norway

              condition: working 16 needle nests, 64 needles designed for injecting fish or chicken by salt and phosphate solution or marinade. such injector provides less using of manual labor and higher produc...

            • FOMACO FGM 16/64 F

              No price - Poland
              • Manufacturer: Fomaco

              fomaco injector 16 heads max numer of needles: 64 year of manufacture: 2003 application: fish fillets very good condition

            • FOMACO Model FGM 26/78 Connector Alter

              $18,750 - Hobro, Denmark

                fomaco model: fgm 2678th dimensions of needles: 1,4-1,8mm. tape measure: length: 200cm. width: 35cm. height: 110cm. opening: 35x27cm. lyk.

              • 2007 Injector Fomaco FGM 48 SC

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  man. year: 2007 condition: working   machine can be used for injecting meat, fish and chicken fillets needles: 192 (quadruple needles, 3 mm) one needle bridge belt width: 420 mm filter cbf 500 volt...

                • 2005 Injector Fomaco FGM 88F DC M3

                  No price - Myre, Norway

                    man. year: 2005 machine can be used for injecting fish fillets. needles: 704 (quadruple needles, 2 mm) two needle bridges filter pfs7/330r    m3 needle bridge valves are activated individually, inj...

                  • Brine injector Fomaco FGM 26/52

                    No price - Warsaw, Poland

                      voltage: electrical: 400v 50hz 3n | belt type: plastics | belt speed: yes | heads amount: single head | main material: stainlees steel | needles amount: 52 pc. | installed power: 2.6 kw | needle d...