• 2015 fruittech Bag in Box OMEGA-BIB-2500- Filler BIB2500

    $8,358 - Riedau, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Omega

    this bag in box fillers bib 2500 is a semi-automatic bag in box filler specifically for cold and hot filling of fruit juice and vegetable juice and cold filling of wine and oil into 3, 5, 10, 20 li...

  • 2015 fruittech Pasteur ETA PAS 200 E

    $9,184 - Riedau, Austria
    • Manufacturer: fruittech

    with the pasteurization, the product is briefly heated to the required temperature (usually around 80°c.). the standard exchangers are tube in tube systems (optional, plate heat exchnagers). the op...

  • 2016 fruittech MSPA 500/750/1000 Mobile Juiceproductionline GmbH

    $60,598 - Riedau, Austria
    • Manufacturer: fruittech GmbH

    for mobile production of fruit juices, we offer a complete mounted juice production plant on a trailer with a total weight of 2950 kg the following machines are constructed on the trailer -washing ...

  • 2015 fruittech Iota Drying cabinet with metal trays GmbH

    $18,804 - Riedau, Austria
    • Manufacturer: fruittech GmbH

    bearing surface 22m² automatic electronic control product-contacting components entirely of stainless steel hordenlochung to customer functionality there may be a blanching or pasteurisierungzeit b...