• 1998 FujiFilm IPR 2500

    No price - Fall River, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: FujiFilm

    fujifilm ipr 2500 bio-imaging analyzer manufacturer: fujifilm model: ipr 2500 serial #: 8612102 year : 1998 product code: 210909 electrical: 100-240v, 1.0-1.5a, 50/60hz includes: fujifilm ip eraser...

  • Fujifilm LAS-4000 Luminescence Image Analyzer With Apple Power Mac Laptop Software

    $7,000 - Anaheim, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: MAC

    fuji film las-4000 luminescence image analyzer with apple power mac l ...

  • Fujifilm FLA 5100 22239

    $45,347 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fujifilm

    fujifilm fluorescence imager analyzer fla 5100. 3 laser scanner, blue green and red laser. all sample stages (fluorine, ip, multi). all emission filters. 2. pmt. computer. mac. including installati...

  • Fujifilm FLA-3000 fluorescence laser imaging scanner BAS 1000 Bio Image System

    $6,660 - Borken, Germany Recently Added

      fujifilm here we offer a fluorescence scanner system. the fujifilm fluorescent image analyzer fla-3000 series uses a solid-state laser appropriate wavelength for excitation of fluorochrome. a plura...

    • 2014 Fujifilm Aquity LED 1600

      No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Fujifilm

      led uv inkjet with running maintenance contract maximum printing width 1610 mm maximum printing material thickness 13 mm incl. printing tables for rigid materials media weight: rigid: 12 kg, roll 2...

    • 2007 Fujifilm CTP Luxel V9600 122729

      No price - Schwetzingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Fujifilm

      plate loader for 60 plates laser violet production 20 plates hour 2400 dpi online procesor gluz&jensen internal punch for komori+stacker rip celebrant version 6.0.4 in plataform dell server pe 2900...

    • 2005 Fujifilm Luxel T-6000 CTP E

      No price - Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

        this 2005 fujifilm luxel t-6000 ctp e is in good working condition. this 2005 fujifilm luxel t-6000 ctp e is another fantastic offering of ali's computer to plate systems, digital presses, and us...

      • 2014 Fujifilm XMF - Workflow v 5.5

        No price - Dabergotz, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Fujifilm

        a quantum leap to new features in this new version of xmf were subjected to the internal technologies of a series of upgrades to meet the complex needs of high-speed digital printing as well as opt...

      • Fujifilm EC-D Cassette Radiologic #3212

        No price - Berlin, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Fujifilm

        fujifilm; ec-d cassette; hr-regular (rg 8); 3x35x43cm (14x17); 5x35x35cm (14x14); 2x30x40cm; 6x24x30cm; 5x20x40cm; sensitivity class (see pictures)

      • 2015 FujiFilm Version 5.x

        No price - Königslutter, Germany
        • Manufacturer: FujiFilm

        xmf complete worklow, lastupgrade 02/2015 8up ctp/ tiff 8up proofer room proof 2ycct0m2i cip4 inrip trapping avaiable immediately!