• 2003 Fullwood melkstal

    $6,493 - De Moer, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Fullwood

    complete parlour - fullwood - 2 x 7 herringbone, 50 degrees - afi-lite milk flow meters - stainless steel wellhead - compressed air aggregate - compressed air operated gates (front + rear) - ...

  • 2001 Lemmer Fullwood Fischgrätenmelkstand

    No price - Bad Waldsee, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Lemmer Fullwood

    fullwood 2x8 herringbone milk bj 2000 with automatic control, boiling water purification, vacuum pump, stainless steel channel, electric gates etc. complete for sale. the milking parlor is stil...

  • 2010 Fullwood midilene 2x6 salle de traite

    No price - agriculteur, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fullwood

    installation faite est suivie par la maison bertschy ag dernier service fait février 2017 en parfait état avec un cout d entretien très bas est of the résultat mensuel nikel installation vendue ave...

  • 2011 Fullwood Merlin 225

    $48,261 - Schönbrunn, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fullwood

    merlin 225 milking robots 65 pedometer (automated animal observation) 4 qcm quarter conductance measurement 4 jugs of milk seperaton 3 kw renner compressor rsdk busch vacuum pump frequence con...

  • Hydraulic clamping press

    No price - Enter, Netherlands

      this press has clamping leg specially developed for instance to correctly construct the glued joints for table tops, draining boards, etc. with this press you can eat achieve a gluing pressure of 8...