• Geismar MP12

    $2,433 - Wiórek, Poland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Geismar

    grinder rail profile geismar mp12. it provides excellent surface grinding of the rail head. rollers ensure accurate grinding from horizontal to vertical position. the long base roller provides a...

  • Grinding Machine for Switches and trac Geismar Cem

    $3,856 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Honda
    • Weight: 96kg

    grinder geismar cemafer. model: mlc the machine has two interchangeable heads for sanding profiles and rail. the operator is able to control the machine in a standing position, without physical ...

  • Modular weld shear Geismar ESN NOWA RAIL

    $3,406 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Modular

    hydraulic cutter thermite weld joints geismar. light rail device for cutting thermite weld. cut the power to 220kn. mills and the guides are adjusted to optimize shear. when buying a cutter rai...

  • Rail heaters Geismar CEMAFER SH4 Road Rail

    $2,311 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Rail

    heater railway geismar cemafer. model: sh4 four burners powered cylinder of propane-butane. heating power: 255 kw we offer a large selection of machines and tools railway. vat invoice.

  • Transport trolleys Geismar

    No price - Pabianice, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Transport

    equipment for the transportation of rails geismar. capacity: 20t we offer a large selection of machines and tools railway. vat invoice.

  • Hydraulic Rail Pulling GEISMAR

    $17,274 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Honda

    the hydraulic tensioner rail geismar. tightening rails welding and neutralizing stress. quick assembly without tools. the device consists of a set of two paths from the hydraulic station. this ...

  • Platform Geismar RT ROAD RAIL

    $8,759 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Platform

    the railway truck geismar rt 6 m width: 2 m height: 53 cm capacity: 30 t we offer a large selection of machines and tools railway.

  • Multipurpose light motor trolley GEISMAR Road Rail

    $7,177 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Yanmar

    trolley, trolley combustion with a trailer geismar. engine: yanmar (diesel) manual start. max.prędkość: about 24km / h max.prędkość load: about 15 km / h weight trolley: 195kg max.obciążenie:...

  • 2004 Rail descaling machine GEISMAR CEMAFER DK3

    $2,676 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Rail

    grinder station geismar dk3. the high-performance device for the treatment of rails. this allows for the renewal of railway circuits even on oxidized or wet rails. equipped with pneumatic contro...


    $4,014 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Honda

    capper station geismar. model - tb for screws shale and alloy. robust construction for intensive use. mechanical transmission oil with reverse and conical clutch. adjustable torque. full powe...