• 2007 GERINGHOF NS1222

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    recent new knives and gathering chains, fits jd 70 series combine. green plastic. looks nice. hydraulic deck plates. knife rolls.

  • 2013 GERINGHOF NS830

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    only 1000 total acres for newer jd combine includes three headsight sensors includes gathering chain tool, hydraulic deck plates, jd single point connector. 8r30" northstar with knife rolls fresh f...

  • 2012 GERINGHOF RD1230F

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    12r30 flat fold, green plastic, headsight, rota-disc, 5500 total acres on 12 units fresh from having geringhoff updates installed brand new complete factory installed frame

  • 2012 GERINGHOF RD1220

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    12 row 20" rota disk corn head, plastic, adjustable deck plates, only 1105 acres. all geringhoff factory undates performed. includes center auger cover, gathering chain tool, deck plate indicator a...

  • 2013 GERINGHOF RD822

    $49,000 Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    (a)vailable or (r)ented: a | (ca)ro or (sc)hoolcraft: ca

  • 2010 GERINGHOF RD830

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    8 row 30", rotadisk, set up for case combine, green plastic, headsight, single point hook up, 5000 acres, front disks replaced

  • 2006 GERINGHOF NS1630

    • Manufacturer: GERINGHOF

    16r30" northstar with good knife rolls hydraulic deck plates good lexion yellow snouts no headsight sensors chains and knives good. does not fold appears to be in field ready condition.