• Gescha A84 suction

    No price - Bavaria, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Gescha

    type: a84 used machine rlyrns fhhyskwrt jeiz filter area: ca. 1000mm x 1000mm motor power 1kw year: round about location: warehouse / 82281 herrnzell

  • GESCHA TYP A84 Paint mist extraction

    No price - Geretsried, Germany
    • Manufacturer: GESCHA

    small paint mist extraction with baffle plate and side wings the exhaust can of course also an exhaust pipe or flexible hose be directed outwards. 220 v for smaller painting without another suita...

  • 2007 GESCHA Euroset-Profi-System Mini2-G30 Spraying booth

    No price - Hohenstein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: GESCHA

    volume capacity 4500/7800 m3/h engine output 1/3 kw c3gh2

  • 1990 VOLLMER CABG 50U Gattersägeschärfmaschine

    No price - Bielefeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vollmer

    blade width: to 200mm blade thickness: up to 6mm teeth length: 1650mm to tooth pitch: 14 - 40mm tooth height: up to 25mm rake angle: -10 to 25 grinding wheel diameter: 250mm power 45 and 60 teeth /...

  • 2015 ROKA Steel Runner 550 - Snack trailer


      renting possible steel runner 250 / verkaufsaufbauein followers of the most flexible type fast food offer. whether longer store tests, changing events or farmer's markets - the rolling kitchen is p...