• 2016 Gnacke Anbaugeräte

    $2,023 - Schmallenberg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Gnacke Anbaugeräte

    double round ball forks, a fork hydraulically for lifting, little used, one year old vb 1850 €, as well as a simple hydraulic fork vb 650 €, because conversion to sell. execution as photos in th...

  • 2016 Gnacke Anbaugeräte Gnacke S2M Baggerspalter

    $4,711 - Schmallenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Gnacke Anbaugeräte

    wood splitter 15to splitting pressure, gap length up to 1.5m, tool-free adjustable, telescopic design overall length 2.1m, drive via joint shaft with gearbox and twin pump separately for lifting ta...

  • 2016 Gnacke Anbaugeräte Heckcontainer HC 2.1 S-HB Kippmulde

    $2,408 - Schmallenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Gnacke Anbaugeräte

    this offer is a hydraulically tiltable rear container hc 2. 1 s - hb in a particularly stable design for professional use with many possible applications. the rear container is 2300 mm wide, 850 m...