• 2015 Gonella 4-190 Driving silo removal machine

    No price - Landtechnik Sulgen AG, Switzerland

      electrically driven, self-propelled extraction height 4.20 m, removal width 1.90 m conveyor made of chrome steel, lighting, stabilizers suitable for grass, maize, chips etc clean cut, independent o...


      No price - Mason Vicentino, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: GONELLA

      silo emptier zip: 36064

    • GONELLA DESILATORE Silo emptier

      No price - Veneto, Italy
      • Manufacturer: GONELLA

      desilaging gonella 4-160-bottom stainless steel, for grass silage and corn

    • Electric Electrical Power Supply

      No price - Freising, Germany

        brief description: diverse "oil free" e lectric transformers electric supply of paulaner brewery order a 1014-23 electric supply ...