• 2002 Groninger FSE 6005V

    No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Groninger

    used groninger automatic syringe vacuum filling and stoppering unit, model fse 6005v, speeds up to 6000 units/hour with air bubbles, speeds up to 2400 units/hour without air bubbles, presently set...


    $40,000 - Montreal, Canada Recently Added

      rotary capper built by groninger model kvk104, serial # 4736, year 1999, application is for snap cap only, comes with four rotary capping stations, vibratory bowl and cap elevator not included (can...

    • Groninger Ovens Depyrogenation STS 3226L 5D0202

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Groninger

      part of complete line depyrogenation tunnel oven. equipped with hepa filters. belt width of 12-1/2". dry heat chamber is 51" long and there is a 54" cooling section. the items in the feed zone ar...

    • Groninger Cleaner Pharmaceutical ASV-100 5D0209

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: ASV

      part of complete line rotary vial / ampoule cleaner. containers range: diameter 16-95mm; height 33-238mm. containers are washed with air and wfi cleaning agents inside and out at eight cleaning sta...

    • Groninger Conveyor Side Belt Transfer FAB100 5G9758

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Groninger

      groninger, model fab100, stainless steel, side belt transport conveyor. equipped with single 48" long x 1" wide side product gripper belts with 0.16 hp drives each side and hand crank adjustabe to ...

    • Groninger Complete Line Liquid KFVG 211 A 5D0201A

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Groninger

      groninger, complete vial cleaning, sterilizing, filling, stoppering and aluminum capping line with number vials per minute – depending on materials and application. container size range: 30mm to 20...

    • Groninger Filler Liquid Monoblock KFVG211A filling machines 5D0201

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Groninger

      part of complete line monoblock filler, stopper and aluminum capper. container range: 30 to 200mm in height; 10 to 100mm in diameter. fill volume range: 3 to 270 ml. stopper size range: 13 to 28mm....


      $95,000 - Montreal, Canada Recently Added

        groninger rotary pump placer model kvk 106 p with pump centrifugal sorter and pump elevator, serial # 5615, year 2002, includes 1 pallet of miscellaneous parts, 6 rotary pump picking heads, 6 rota...

      • Used- Groninger Filling Line Set Up for 30ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, Containers

        No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
        • Manufacturer: Groninger

        70653028 used- groninger filling line set up for 30ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, containers. line consists of bottle feed station, model kfvg 4211a groniger monoblock for filling plugging and capping, ...

      • Capper, Groninger, Mdl KVG 302, 2-head, Crimper,

        No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

          crimper capper, 2-head, manufactured by groninger & gompany, type number kvg 302, stainless steel construction. includes a screw cap/crimp 2-lane feeder with vibratory mechanisms, 2-head orienta...