• HABERSANG Fettbackstation

    No price - Bergkamen, Germany

       reconditioned for 48 berliner manual control with reversing device including hallway trolley with 8 alu - kipptrögeln and a total of 3 back seven (2 for berlin and 1 flat screen) drain system (-...

    • Fat fryer Primus Habersang

      No price - Kierspe, Germany

        habersang fat fryer primus 5e / 144 control bac 910 nc with multilingual menus hourly output at 8 reihiger occupancy theory : 1440 pcs / h hourly output at 8 reihiger occupancy realistic : 1296 pie...

      • Habersang & Jufeba Grease baking system

        $2,797 - Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Habersang & Jufeba

        complete package for 2 grease baking systems included are 1 x haber sang grease baking system 3 x vehicle with tilting support 1 x ersatzkippkorb 1 x large hood 1 x grease filter device 1 x jufeba ...

      • Habersang fat baking unit with proofer

        No price - Bielefeld, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Habersang

        completely made of stainless steel heating up to 200 ° c (removable heater) removable lifting device can be mounted on castors aluminum lid the device is cleaned and checked for function dimensions...

      • Habersang NC-Serie Fat fryer

        No price - Saint Gallen, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Habersang

        habersang turning machine 60 berlin habersang turning machine for 60 berlin. with programmable control. machine applies the berlin automatically. baking times programmable. operated manually or aut...

      • HABERSANG 60 Liter Creamcookers

        No price - Solingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: HABERSANG

        creamcookers habersang 60 liter used machine haber sang cream cooker stand stainless steel, boiler tipping, thermal oil heater 60 litres; 12 kw 32a - cce plug, used, completely overhauled new digit...

      • Habersang fat fryer

        $896 - Rommerskirchen, Germany Recently Added

          used fat fryer with turning device of habersang with fermentation chamber and 9 wendetrögel 380 volt lid and drip tray

        • 1994 Habersang Fettback conditioning Primus 5 / E NC series Fat Pack Station

          No price - Cologne, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Habersang

          haber sang primus 5 / e nc series fettback station with lots of accessories second hand fettback station with turning device consisting of fat fryer with stainless steel lid, drain table and drip t...