• Hakkuri Söderhamns, Scheporubitelnye installation

    No price - Hammaslahti, Finland
    • 2000 Jenz JENZ HIGH POWER Switching

      $90,053 - Nivala, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Jenz

      this peak condition, serviced and ready to work immediately high power switching jenz az55 -mercedes double-turbo v-8 diesel wireless remote control -lincoln central lubrication help and spare part...

    • 2000 Self Made JENZ HIGH POWER Switching

      $89,261 - Nivala, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Jenz

      note! the machine does not, of course, is no omavalmiste even if the title so lukeekin, online machine menu for any reason found the miracle of german jenz brand of quality products. this top condi...

    • 1998 Farmi Forest CH 250 chipper

      $9,420 - Sastamala, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Farmi

      a good switching condition of the farm, the tractor can be controlled by etäkaapeli pass in front of and behind the own hydraulic, hydraulic feed rollers, a hopper, a max log diameter 25cm.

    • 2010 Junkkari HJ 10 GT Switching almost new

      $7,465 - Tornio, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Junkkari

      - this very tidy and undamaged switching - switching has been underutilized - a chipping power of 7-20 m3 / h - 800mm blade halkasia - maxi wood thickness 250mm - machine weight 690kg - blades 4pcs...

    • 2010 Claas JAGUAR 850

      $165,540 - Vaasa, Finland
      • Manufacturer: CLAAS
      • Model: JAGUAR 850

      consumables replacement horn, pick-up 3 m, junkkari hapotin, acid stand, wipers side windows, sunshades, hakkuri hour type and number 1300h

    • 1995 Farmi Forest Switching CH / SH 250 HYDR.SYÖTTÖ

      $7,939 - Turku, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Farmi
    • 2005 Kesla 4560 Switching

      $60,869 - Sastamala, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Kesla

      kesla's a big chopper, loader kesla 700 park moniker electric adjustable vm-06, switched-mode is a service jäjiltä mm.uudet drive belts have been exchanged, along comes a lot of kulutuosia such as ...