• Hardox 450 saw blade

        36" hardox 450 saw blade delivery available poa 20% vat not applicable to registered roi customers premium quality farm & plant machinery

        No price
        Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
      • Soralava Hardox

            soralava 5.9 x 1 x 2,45m hardox-platform infectious + hook rails hydr. lifting tailboard

            Somero, Finland
          • hardox lava

                lava hl / ll infected hydr.takalaita, rear rollers? in stock lava 6m 6/4 of page .... model .. side height 800 mm ral according to figure 1 5013 e.g. pohja6 mm laita4mm lengths from 5m- other thicknesses (4-12mm)...

                Somero, Finland
              • Orsi Magnum Hardox 210

                • Manufacturer: Orsi

                  shredder equipment: heavy model with hammers (possibility knives) different components in hardox. rear work, rear side, top and bottom (hedges) working width 2.0 meters. roll diameter 195mm. freewheel in housing....

                  Tramelan, Switzerland
                • Soralava 6 m Hardox

                      soralava 6 x 2.55 x 1.1 m verkkosermi hardox-platform infectious + hook rails hydr. lifting tailboard

                      Somero, Finland
                    • Self Made hardox

                      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

                        gravel lift hardox 6mm bottom case 4 mm vlhl infectious blue baton ribs hydr.ylätakalaita financing from 125 eur months with no down payment other models also have ..

                        Somero, Finland
                      • HARDOX '08

                            hardox europallets axles: 3 | color: other | weight: 42000 kg | payload: 42000 kg | previous owners: 1

                            Servia, Greece
                          • 2012 sirch Hardox halfpipe container

                            • Manufacturer: sirch

                              always check our bank account number on our website before transferring money. we or our employees will never ask you to make a payment to a different bank account number than the bank account number which is men...

                              Deventer, Netherlands
                            • 1998 Carnehl CHKS-34 Hardox

                              • Manufacturer: Carnehl

                                bodywork: tipper, year of manufacture: 1998, shipping worldwide

                                No price
                                Weert, Netherlands
                              • Hardox Leichtgutschaufel 200 cm mit Euro Aufnahme

                                    new, light weight bucket / earth bucket, 200 cm, 0,64 m³, with hardox cutting edge, euro receptacle, reinforced design with middle web, reinforced side walls at the cutting edge, reinforced back wall at the mount...

                                    Waiden, Austria