• Heilers Ackeregge 9 m

    $4,534 - Everswinkel, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Heilers
    • Working Width: 9.00 m

    good received healer ackeregge 9 mm working width. with followers over flat steels and track loaders

  • Sonstige Heilers 5m gezogen

    $9,772 - Neuenhaus, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Sonstige
    • Working Width: 5 m

    healer cultivators 5 balkig with 25 tines with coverer v-shape with rohrstabwalze 650mm with hydraulic. chassis unrestrained with hydraulic. traction amplifier hydr. foldable drawbar with swivel wi...

  • Heilers Igel

    $4,699 - Nottuln, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Heilers

    steerable for heavy and medium soils, total weight ca.1100 kg., packer overhauled both rolls have new tines and bearings welded tines on a large and a small roller, pitch of the small roll to the l...

  • Sonstige Heilers 3,00m

    $1,922 - Altenberge, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sonstige

    4-balkig, stützrad, mit scheibeneggen nachläufer width:: 300