• Sand aerator mark HERRING

    No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

      type samum 211, motor: 10 cv, 2900 t/min, 220/380 v on wheels, good conditions

    • Baader 134 herring filleting machine

      No price - Lelystad, Netherlands Recently Added

        neat baader 134 from 1998. the machine has been completely overhauled by baader in 2013. only ran 200 hours since overhaul. completely new condition. this machine is especially designed for filleti...

      • Baader 55 - Skinning machine for herring

        No price - Myre, Norway

          condition: working this machine is designed to for automtic production of skinless singles fillets. best results are obtained with fresh herring.   power: 0,4 kw water consumption: 15l/min dimensio...

        • 2006 Baader 56 Skinner for Herring

          No price - Myre, Norway

            man. year: 2006 condition: overhauled this machine is designed for being directly attached to the herring filleting machines baader 235 and 36. it receives the butterfly fillets, removes the dark f...

          • Baader 35 filleting machine for mackerel and herring

            No price - Lelystad, Netherlands Recently Added

              ideal machine for filleting herring, mackerel, trout and other pelagic fish. consists of head and tail cutting section and filleting section. processes; herring 20-40 cm (75-450 gr), mackerel, trou...

            • Arenco Arenco SFA-11 Fileting machine for herring

              $10,584 - Bronderslev, Denmark
              • Manufacturer: Arenco

              two machines are available fqqldz2mxok subcategory 2: fileting machine for herring

            • 1988 HERRING SAMUM SFB jib conveyor belt

              No price - Meinerzhagen, Germany
              • Manufacturer: HERRING

              jib conveyor belt manufacturer herring type samum sfb built in 1988 serial no. 8804 o (screwed) steel support construction o sand hopper, volume app. 2-3 m³ o pivotable conveyor belt on upright col...

            • 1991 Baader 32 - Filleting machine for herring

              No price - Myre, Norway

                man. year: 1991 condition: good, working designed for processing of fresh herring, mackerel and horse-mackerel from 25-40cm and silver smelt from 35-45cm in full length.   power: 6,5 kw rated curre...

              • 1998 Herring and mackerel filleting line Baader 221

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  herring and mackerel filleting line man. year: 1998 condition: good this line is completed with heading machine, gutting machine and skinner working range: herring - 22-42 cm, mackrel - 25-42 cm pr...

                • Herring, mackerel, sardine filleting line Baader 235

                  No price - Myre, Norway

                    herring, mackerel, sardine filleting line man. year:  1990 condition: good the baader 235 is a processing machine for pelagic fish. starting from round fish, it can manufacture the total product li...