• Hochdorfer 750.1 Screw pump with Agropilot

    • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

      in good condition with suction lines and suction hoses 6 channel agropilot 15 hp electric motor

      No price
      Menznau, Switzerland
    • 2013 Hochdorfer RW40 agitator

      • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

        transmission revised, el. motor 5.5ps new in 2013 with stirrup new 2013 with tin roof agitator detachable with 3-point holder

        $4,689 (USD)
        Buochs, Switzerland
      • Hochdorfer SPP 750.1 Screw pump 8 bar with agro-pilot

        • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

          screw pump 8 bar with agro-pilot hochdorfer-allweiler from space

          $4,040 (USD)
          Tscherlach, Switzerland
        • Hochdorfer 850.2 N

          • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

            description screw pump hochdorfer 65 m3, 20 bar, power take-off for radio control, with agropilot, revised with new stator ,

            $8,107 (USD)
          • Hochdorfer Schleppschlauchverteiler

            • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

              fully revised hochdorfer tow hose with 9m working width. new cutting ring distribution head and new distribution hoses. risers, swivel joints and reel plates are also new

              $14,398 (USD)
              Ballwil, Switzerland
            • Hochdorfer Flygt 4660 10 kw agitator

              • Manufacturer: Flygt

                complete with motor protection switch and cable, very little used

                $12,948 (USD)
                Altishofen, Switzerland
              • 2008 Agrar Swissline 8000 Pressure vessel with Schleppschlauchverteiler Hochdorfer

                • Manufacturer: Agrar

                  lower suspension with spring loaded drawbar, tires slab rear suction connection left and right, comfort control for drag hose, width tow hose 9 meters

                  $39,257 (USD)
                  Affeltrangen, Switzerland
                • 2016 Schallberger 3500 Pumpfass with screw pump

                  • Manufacturer: Lindner

                    exhibition barrel fits: lindner, aebi, schiltrac, caron with wheelbase over 3m screw pump hochdorfer / allweiler (1000l / min, 10bar) with specific güllestator and additional joint protection suction hose 3m -see...

                    $25,239 (USD)
                    Sarnen, Switzerland
                  • 2016 Schallberger 3500 REFORM Pumpfass screw pump

                    • Manufacturer: Reform

                      exhibition barrel extremely deep and light construction, galvanized chassis, uv-resistant composite tank with integrated surge wall (transversely in the front third) suitable for reform with wheelbase from 3m !ne...

                      $31,338 (USD)
                      Sarnen, Switzerland
                    • 2010 Joskin 7000 Pressure vessel 7000L with drag hose distributor

                      • Manufacturer: Joskin
                      • Model: 7000

                        new, from stock with attachments for towing hose distributor hochdorfer mini pac 7.2 or 9m spring loaded drawbar tires relleborg twin radial + wheel housing installation incl. fenders strong axle and brake 406x14...

                        $26,413 (USD)
                        Ballwil, Switzerland

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