• No. 1A Series M, Wheelabrator, Rotary Blast Mach., 72"D RT w/6 24" Tbls (2), 15HP Blst Whls, 1970s

        model/type: type #1a - series 'm' age: 1970's specifications & description: high capacity type 'm' wheel machine - approx 72" dia rotary table equipped with (6) 24" dia rotary tables - equipped with(2) blast whee...

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        Old Saybrook, CT, USA
      • 2016 GlasLift Gerenuk® 500

        • Manufacturer: GlasLift

          the gerenuk®500 is hydraulic, remote controlled multi-lifts that can be mounted on all types of telescopic loaders, cranes and other types of lifting gear, which are normally used for lifting construction materia...

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        • 2003 Geda 500 Z ZP

          • Manufacturer: Geda
          • Capacity: 850 kNm

          i warmly welcome welcome to buy geda 500 z / zp lift with platform "c" capacity 850 kg. year of manufacture 2003. tray with cable 25 meters. elevator is ready for work. in case you had any questions, i'll be...

          Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

          • Manufacturer: Hoist

            passenger hoist single cabin redcrane china. top brand quality. model 2016 sc200/single cage, height=40m cage load: 2t/cage cage size: 3.2*1.2*2.5m mast section: 650x650x1508mm, rated speed: 0-36m/min standard sp...

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            Dubai, United Arab Emirates
          • 2009 Geda 200 Z

            • Manufacturer: Geda
            • Capacity: 200 kNm

            i warmly welcome. i have to sell the elevator ged 200 z year 2009 with full documentation. for more information, please call + 48 607 051 051 instructions in english declaration of conformity ce warranty w...

            Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland
          • 2017 Sankoo Hoeflon VL500

            • Manufacturer: Sankoo

              country: netherlands | division: construction equipment | extra options: new/unused, rental possibility

              Bergeijk, Netherlands
            • 2016 GlasLift 550 TERRAIN

              • Manufacturer: GlasLift

                glaslift® 550 terrain is the fastest outdoor multifilter glaslift® 550 terrain is a unique and extremely fast outdoor multilifter for extra-large items. it's the world's fastest mounting machine without support l...

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              • 2007 Geda 1500 Z/ZP platforma "B"

                • Manufacturer: Geda
                • Capacity: 1500 kNm

                i warmly welcome we invite you to purchase geda 1500 z / zp lifts with platform "b" lifting capacity of 1500 kg. model "b" year 2007. tray with cable 25 meters. elevators are ready for work. in case you had ...

                Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland
              • 2004 Geda 1500 Z/ZP

                • Manufacturer: Geda
                • Capacity: 3,307 lbs

                country: poland | division: construction equipment | maximum lift capacity: 3,307 lbs

                Rzeszów, Poland

                • Manufacturer: TURN

                  country: romania | division: construction equipment | extra options: rental possibility