• Holland 1431

        13' discbine, standard hitch, 1000 rpm, good rubber rolls and cutterbar.

        Abbottstown, PA, USA
      • Holland L220

            860 original hours! 2012 year, 60hp turbo diesel, two speed trans, selectable pattern e/h joystick controls, deluxe cab with heater/defroster, suspension seat, front & rear worklamps, flashers pkg, counterweights...

            Abbottstown, PA, USA
          • Holland TL70

                3265 hours, 65 hp, 2wd ag tractor, 12x4 transmission with shuttle, 16.9x28 rear tires(60%), dual rear remotes

                Abbottstown, PA, USA
              • Holland H7230

                    10' 4" cut discbine, drawbar swivel hitch, steel rolls, hydraulic tongue swing, hydraulic lift and tilt, 540 rpm

                    Abbottstown, PA, USA
                  • Holland TR86

                        3600 hours, 2wd, 16' flex head, hydraulic reverser, terrain tracer lateral tilt, twin rotors, many new belts, concaves replaced recently, front tires-75%, nice older machine.

                        Abbottstown, PA, USA
                      • Holland L218

                            1280 hrs, 60hp turbo diesel w/glow plugs, 1280 hours, single speed, hand & foot controls, suspension seat, front & rear work lamps, 19gpm auxiliary hydraulics, includes bucket, 10x16.5 tires -worn down, rated 18...

                            Abbottstown, PA, USA
                          • Holland CM274

                                27 hp diesel, 4wd commercial mower, 72" cut, 2284 hours, cab(doors and back window come with it).

                                Abbottstown, PA, USA
                              • Holland 492

                                    9' haybine, rubber rolls and cutterbar are in excellent condition, stub guards, all new reel teeth recently

                                    Abbottstown, PA, USA
                                  • Holland HW365

                                        1261 hrs, 15 ' model#2355 header, rubber rolls, radio, buddy seat, air bags, rear axle suspension. 2006 model condition notes: base machine is in excellent condition. header has some wear in cutterbar and some r...

                                        Abbottstown, PA, USA
                                      • HOLLAND T4.75

                                            new holland t4.75, cab, heat/ac, radio, buddy seat, front loader, with hla bucket, 2 rear remotes, rear wheel weights, ag tires, 98hrs.

                                            Abbottstown, PA, USA