• Holzmann GBM25

    $2,728 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    the robust drilling machine an effective two-nopeusalueisella motor and a t-grooved adjustable table. both directions of rotation enabling the threads act. total 8 speed ranges. separate emergency ...

  • Holzmann ED1000PI

    $10,901 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    tarjoussorveja a limited number of sale. tuotantosorvi very hearty full cast iron 1000mm lathe 52mm karaporauksella. cast iron body absorbs vibration and enables more accurate work quality. 250mm w...

  • Holzmann BS712TOP

    $1,213 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    affordable and high-performance metal band saw for shops and small kotiverstaille. cast iron saw arch of the frame. a circular cutting range of 90 ° to 180 mm profile cutting range of 90 ° to 180 x...

  • Holzmann ED750N

    $4,831 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    good metal bench lathe in the garage, educational institutions, etc. which requires a good sorvausominaisuudet but the space is not much available. vaihteistollinen model with no need to constantly...

  • Holzmann BS275TOP

    $2,337 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    cost-effective metal band saw powerful motor and precision ball bearings with an adjustable blade control. hydraulic control teräpaineelle. cast iron saw arch. automatic stop and cooling system. cu...

  • Holzmann TS250F table saw

    $2,151 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    the sturdy table saw 400v for precision work. the saw has a proper and accurate bearing 1650mm aluminum sliding table. the blade height and tilt adjustment. engine power of 2,9kw. technical informa...

  • Holzmann MK300 kylmäpyörösaha

    $2,003 - Espoo, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    two-kylmäpyörösaha various metals. blade max. diameter of 250mm. miter -45 ... +45 degrees, as well as the sawmill pivots relative to the base. miter (-45 ° 0 ° + 45 °) öljykylpyinen gear automatic...

  • Holzmann HOB305PRO Thicknesser

    $2,327 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    professional suitable robust and accurate thicknesser nelileikkuisella kursolla. a metal-toothed feed rollers thicknesser. nelileikkuinen kurso sturdy cast iron table table length 1522mm table heig...

  • Holzmann HOB 260ECO

    $1,213 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    a small footprint thicknesser with kolmileikkuinen kurso and cast iron tables. with this machine, you get the exact planing and the machine does not take up much space. aluminum steering response o...

  • Holzmann RBM28M muotorautataivutin

    $1,325 - Espoo, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Holzmann

    affordable, manual muotorautataivutin is a cost-effective choice when there is occasional bending work. strong construction and the use of durable metal gears and hardened shaft. suitable solid rod...