• Huellhorst DH Double Saw

    No price - Löhne, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Huellhorst

    double saw - double cut-off saw brand: huellhorst type: dh cutting width : 2500mm cutting length: app. 2500mm scoring units elctrical width adjustment hdvnyepgpty

  • Huellhorst Doppelabkürzsäge

    $2,541 - Marklkofen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: General electric

    cutting depth 200 cm cutting width 300 cm left blade 45 pivotally was used for cutting door frames incl. trim miter

  • Huellhorst Double Cross Cut

    No price - Löhne, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Huellhorst

    double cross cut - cut-off saw manufacturer huellhorst cutting length: 3500mm

  • Huellhorst Doppelablängsäge

    No price - Gersfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: General electric

    cutting length min .: 240 mm cutting length max .: 1200 mm cutting height: 120 mm saw blade diameter: 380 mm tiltable 0 - 45 engine data: min .; 2.0 kw weight: 600 kg machine dimensions (l x w x h)...

  • 1996 IMA KLS 430 V mitre cutting saw

    No price - Barntrup, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ima

    mitre saw huellhorst vertical mitre cutting saw – fully automatic type: kls 430 v year of manufacture: 1996 fully automatic controlled cross cutting and angle cutting of bars from particle board, m...

  • 1994 IMA/Huellhorst Kompakt 1300 Machining center

    No price - Bad Oeynhausen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: ima

    table size: 3,000 mm x 1300 mm machine equipment -drill head (fixed) with 18 spindles -nutsaege -kreuzbohrkopf -8 x tool changer -div tool holders -mats -vacuum pump -software: ima-h doo-wop 2.1 th...

  • Huellhorst Three of a kind circular saw

    No price - Rietberg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Huellhorst

    with automatic feed, with scoring unit, saw for trimming and cutting up for further technical details by phone