• Plasma CRM, workstation 6000x2000, CNC, with Hyperterm generator mod. 3060, revised 2017 - HIGH DEFINITION

    • Manufacturer: CRM

      plasma crm, workstation 6000x2000, cnc, with hyperterm generator mod. 3060, revised 2017, complete with suction and perfectly working.

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      Bergamo, Italy

          plasma composite from hyperterm source working field, 1000x2000, possible to cut dimensions up to 15mm, semi new machine, never used by complete aspiration customers + software of programming + possibility of tests

          Lazio, Italy
        • Cut carbonine plasma

              2000x4000, with automatic fluid aspirator tape with internal pneumatic boots, motorized axis, complete of binars, plasma hyperterm max 200 plant generator, without cnc and fuel aspirator, year 1998, ready for del...

              Abruzzo, Italy

                  plasma combined plasma mark soitaab, mod. lineacord pc n 55, completed plasma joints, 3000x18000, cutting uses, year 2008, complete plasma hyperterm hd generator, hpr 260, cnc esagv, with 5 nitrogen cutting cans,...

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                  Abruzzo, Italy