• Icar Bazzoli onbekend

    No price - Echteld, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Onbekend

    watercar about 5000 liters for questions please call +31 (0) 344-722902

  • 2015 ICAR Bazzoli IB35.Z60 Forest crane for three-point cultivation

    $28,715 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

    forest crane foldable in z-shape, for three-point attachment with mech. lock, parallel supports hydraulically extendable, extension arm with hydr. single telescope, high seat with ladder, operation...

  • 1987 ICAR Bazzoli 5000 L Pressure vessel Bazolli

    No price - Luzern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

    with articulated tandem axle. tires vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: st. erhardi offer | agricultural technique | subcategory 3: fertilzing | subcategory 4: pump/vacuum container | type of adver...

  • 2015 ICAR Bazzoli IB4800.L70 Transport trailer with crane exhibition machine

    $32,934 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

    forest trailers with built forestry crane tandem trailer with double tube frame, total weight 12.0t, bridge mass inside 3.60mx1.10 / 2.10m, hydraulic swivel-bar with bottom suspension, front guard ...

  • ICAR Bazzoli B3 dung crane

    $14,384 - Merenschwand, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

    very good condition with electric motor range 5.80 m for questions please contact sepp meier

  • Lasco LRW10-12 / IB4600 Backhoe with crane

    $35,919 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Lasco

    wooden bridge wagon with central tube chassis, 4 pairs of stanchions, rear extendable, 3 pairs of curved stanchions, tandem swing axle, tires 480 / 45x17, 4x hydr. brakes, hydr. swivel hitch, botto...