• Impex Freeport Blunger

    No price - United States

      impex blunger- 250 hp electric engine; skid mounted impex freeport blunger, cutter blade and inside housing has special alloy hard facing suitable for sand koalin operations. 8' x 7' barrel w/ 4' o...

    • 2005 Impex HR 42F

      No price - Judenburg, Austria
      • Manufacturer: Impex
      • Hours: 9000 h

      aggregate lako564, le d / halogen, upper valance, front plate, motomit pc, chain drive 60% steel rollers,

    • Nail shooting mechanism Impex

      No price - Roitham, Austria

        detailed info: nail shooting mechanism impex, good condition prices subject to change, mistakes, and printing errors reserved

      • Van Weel Geisoleerde plateau 400x200x18

        $4,232 - Groningen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: VAT

        at impex in groningen a very beautiful van weel plateau wagon with polytop insulated walls from 10-12-2010, the free weight is 980 kilos and the maximum total is 2000 kilos. the size is 400x200x18...

      • Böckmann Koffer 400x185x180 2700 oprijplaten

        $5,630 - Groningen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Böckmann

        at impex in groningen, a bockmann-closed tandem shaft with dimensions of 400x185x180, complete with polyester roof which encloses, leaving no leakage possible. this is a 2700 kilo version! this b...

      • Böckmann Koffer 250x130x169 oprijklep klapdak

        $3,319 - Groningen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Böckmann

        at impex in groningen a bockmann closed ankle brakes hammered 1350 kilos with the dimensions of 250x130x169, complete with wood / alu roof / lid which covers which makes no leakage possible. this ...

      • Saris 2-prds zwart hout 2008

        $3,131 - Groningen, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Saris

        2.påskedag open from 10:00 to 14:00 hours. impex at groningen a saris black wooden two-horse trailer. the dimensions are 310x165x230 cm. year of construction is 06-02-2008. this trailer gets a ...

      • Böckmann Duo 2-paards izgst Bovag

        $3,124 - Groningen, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Böckmann

        impex at groningen a bockmann duo year 27-09-2008, the curb weight is 750 kg and max total is 2,000 kilograms. the internal height is 230 cm and 165 cm wide. complete carried out with, inter alia...

      • Böckmann Kantelbare multi trasnporter

        $6,102 - Groningen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Böckmann

        2.påskedag open from 10:00 to 14:00 hours. in impex groningen bockmann a tiltable multi-transporter with the size of 4300x2080, complete with aluminum sides of 35 cm, it is an 3500 kilo embodiment...

      • EDUARD plateau 6x2 huif 180 cm oprijp

        $4,712 - Groningen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: VAT

        in impex, groningen, eduard a built in multi-plateau of 01-04-2016 (not grapefruit!), the size is 606x200, curtainsider tilt is 180 cm high, it is a 3500 kg embodiment with an empty weight of 899 k...