• Industrial Combustion LNDG-300P-30 Used ICD Low-NOx Gas Boiler Burner/Blower

    $7,500 - Fleetwood, PA
    • Manufacturer: Industrial Combustion

    used icd industrial combustion lndg-300p-30 low-nox gas boiler burner/blower used burner. as there are/were 2 available, you may not receive the one ... read more

  • Vulcan Batch Incinerator

    $38,500 - Moberly, MO

      vulcan® batch incinerator - cast refractory lined incinerator rated to destroy approximately 385 lb. of solid waste per batch in a primary and secondary chamber. primary chamber has a volume of 50 ...

    • Consumat Systems C75PKD Waste Disposal Incinerator

      $98,500 - Moberly, MO

        consumat systems c75pkd waste disposal incinerator - rated to destroy 250 lb./hr. of solid waste and 175 lb./hr. of pathological waste (type iv waste). incineration in primary lower chamber in a 5....

      • Vulcan Hazardous Waste Incinerator

        No price - Moberly, MO

          vulcan® hazardous waste incinerator - 12' diameter x 20' long rotary drum incinerator with air pollution control system. the unit consists of ram feed system, refractory lined rotary drum capable o...

        • 70' Indirect Fire Municipal Solid Waste Dryer with Vapor Recovery Unit

          $2,350,000 - Moberly, MO

            70' indirect fire municipal solid waste dryer with vapor recovery unit - includes one 70' corten rotary dryer, combustion chamber with new burners designed for your process, feed and discharge syst...

          • Vulcan Waste Incinerator with Hydraulic Ram Feed

            $78,500 - Moberly, MO

              vulcan waste incinerator with hydraulic ram feed - 500 lb./hr. fixed hearth incinerator. this cast refractory lined incinerator is rated to destroy a range of bulk solid wastes using two (2) indust...

            • Vapor Recovery Unit

              No price - Moberly, MO

                a vapor recovery unit can be used to recover (condense) hydrocarbons from the gas stream extracted out of the thermal desorption unit. the hydrocarbons can be reused in the process as an alternativ...

              • Vulcan Animal Manure Dryer System

                No price - Moberly, MO

                  vulcan® animal manure dryer system - new or used system dries poultry/broiler litter or livestock manure for use as a fertilizer. the benefits of drying include: volume reduction, lower transportat...

                • Electric Heating Shroud

                  $52,000 - Moberly, MO

                    electric heating shroud - the carbon steel heat shroud is lined with 2" thick fiber refractory and measures 6.5' id to house a maximum of a 6' od rotary kiln. the kiln is heated by (two) 2 sets of ...

                  • Electrically Heated Curing Chamber

                    $42,000 - Moberly, MO

                      electrically heated curing chamber - 7'2 d x 32' long. the indirect heat is produced by (four) 4 200kw heating elements which are powered by scr solid-state controllers that operate at 480 v, 3-pha...