• INO FAF-53 C-Band Optical Fiber Amplifier

    $4,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: INO

    the ino faf- 53 is a benchtop optical fiber amplifier for the c-band with gain locking and gain flattening. the faf-53 is a single-stage amplifier featuring low noise figure and high gain and outpu...

  • INO FAL-300

    $1,797 - Gatineau, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: INO

    ino fal-300 custom-built ino high-power wide-band erbium source. measured characteristics of fal-300 operating wavelength range: 1515nm - 1580nm total optical power:  10.47 dbm spectral gai...

  • INO FAF-50

    No price - Gatineau, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: INO

    ino faf-50 benchtop erbium-doped fiber amplifier (edfa) specifications at glance of the faf-50 wavelength range: 1525 nm to 1565 nm output power: 15 dbm gain at 1550 nm: > 32 db computer c...

  • INO FAW-153-B

    No price - Gatineau, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: INO
  • 2016 INO ELITE 270

    $5,349 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: INO

    2.7 metre, hydraulic side shift, hammer flails, rear roller, warranty £4,350

  • 2012 Ino MKS Plus 190

    $5,037 - Echt, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ino

    ino mks plus 190 verstek klepelmaaier machine uitgevoerd met zware looprol, hamerklepels, aftakas, aandrijving aan de buitenzijde robuuste maaier uit de zwaardere ino serie ideaal voor het bijwerke...

  • 2014 Ino MMT150

    No price - Golling an der Salzach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Ino

    only slightly used mulcher for small tractors, weight 205kg, 20 pcs hammers, from 35 hp (camp henndorf)

  • 2016 INO EURO 280

    No price - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: INO

    2.8 metre, front or rear mounted, hammer flails, hydraulic side shift, rear roller, well built, all sizes available poa

  • 2017 Divers INO-FORST

    $16,864 - Norre Nebel, Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Divers
  • 2016 INO PROFI MEGA300 mulcher

    $7,143 - Szekszárd, Hungary

      coverage: 3 m