• ISA Jobin Yvon-Sofie Groupe Horiba (SEM-P-M2U-R-2C)

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    • Manufacturer: ISA Jobin Yvon-Sofie

    isa jobin yvon-sofie sem-p-m2u-r-2c groupe horiba current stock: 1

  • ISA / Jobin Yvon Spex / Horiba FluoroMax 3 Spectrofluorometer

    No price - Mountain View, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: ISA / Jobin Yvon Spex / Horiba

    fluorescence spectrometer, excites a sample with one color of light, then looks at the color that results when the light is re-emitted, upon completion of the scan biochemists and materials investi...